After 11 practices, the Eagles lastly got to compete versus another team on Thursday night.

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Overall, ns was impression by the two very first units; the coaching staff had them all set to play. The Eagles finished up shedding 24-16, but these gamings are more about evaluation.

Here’s the latest Eagles stock watch after ~ Thursday’s game:

Stock up

WR Quez Watkins

The Summer the Quez ongoing on Thursday night. Watkins recorded a quick screen pass from Joe Flacco and showed off the burners. He obtained a couple nice blocks from Richard Rodgers and Jalen Reagor but Watkins yes, really pulled away because that a 79 yard touchdown. He would have had a 98-yarder earlier yet Jalen damages couldn"t obtain it to him after he got separation.

DL Milton Williams

We witnessed a lot of Williams as a protective end and he to be wrecking shop. During the draft, ns was somewhat doubtful that Williams would be able to contribute automatically but he has actually put that skepticism to bed this summer. He is going come play a lot together a rookie.

K Jake Elliott

Elliott struggled last season. No question. But because of his contract situation the Eagles need to hope he transforms it roughly in 2021. He had actually a nice outing ~ above Thursday, making all 3 of his field goals: 47, 47, 50.

Jake Elliott made more field goals from 47 yards and also out in the an initial half <3> 보다 he made critical year <2>.He was 2-for-5 critical year indigenous 47 yards and out. In the very first half he made FGs indigenous 47, 47 and also 50.

— Reuben candid (
RoobNBCS) respectable 13, 2021

S Elijah Riley

Sure, it was midway with the 4th quarter in a preseason game, however Riley do a nice play to jump a route and also pull in one interception. Riley has actually been a an essential special teams contributor, participating on many major units and also might it is in a dark steed candidate to do the roster.

DT T.Y. McGill

McGill is 28 and also has remained in the NFL due to the fact that 2015 together a journeyman. He play in seven gamings for the Eagles critical season, but still no a regular on the 53-man roster. He to be getting continuous push and even had a bag in the an initial half.

TE Tyree Jackson

After watching him shine all training camp, ns was curious to view if Jackson would have the ability to keep the going in games. The did. The 6-foot-7 previous college quarterback had two captures for 32 yards and was targeted 5 times. That made a great leaping capture on a round from Joe Flacco because that 19 yards in the very first half.

Stock down

WR man Hightower

Watkins and also Jalen Reagor to be making some plays ~ above Thursday night and also Hightower is week-to-week through a groin injury. It’s not his fault he is hurt yet he’s missing an important time after an already up-and-down maintain camp.

DT Marlon Tuipulotu

There was a clean drop-off on Thursday night indigenous the Eagles’ second-team defensive line and also their third. The third-stringers were overcame up front. Tuipulotu was a sixth-round pick so expectations should be tempered but he no look prepared to contribute. Ns think yes a good chance that doesn’t make this roster.

CB Zech McPhearson

I have really liked the fourth-round rookie’s aggressiveness in training camp yet he got captured on Thursday night. In the end zone, McPhearson acquired a tiny too handsy and was flagged for DPI. That happens, yet that’s a an useful lesson because that the rookie about toting the line.

QB Nick Mullens

There to be a minute where i thought possibly Mullens would really have actually a chance to fight because that the second-string quarterback position. That thought is gone. And also so is the one around the Eagles’ needing to keep three quarterbacks. Turbulent night because that Mullens, who had actually a miscommunication through Jackson ~ above Thursday that brought about an interception and also had one more in the fourth quarter ~ above a negative pass attempt. His final stat line: 1/5, 4 yards, 2 INTs. Yikes.

WR J.J. Arcega-Whiteside

In the 4th quarter, ns looked up and also out there through Hakeem Butler and UDFA players like Jack Stoll and also company, there was the Eagles’ previous second-round choose lining up together a slot receiver. JJAW has had actually an OK cultivate camp however has been mainly quiet. He was targeted simply once top top Thursday and did not have a catch.

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LB Rashad Smith

He doesn’t have actually much that a opportunity to make the team however it was a rough outing for Smith. While other linebackers room making plays, blacksmith isn’t. He was one of the worst players on the third-team defense.