We know you really just wanna hear The points we like to say But if I shelp to you please do not do it You execute it anymethod Sometimes I understand, we gotta be cruel
Be cruel to be type When I ask you, what you see in me You say our love is blind Cos just you recognize and also I recognize The points we suppose to say Only you understand and also I know The points we suppose to say Whenever before I think I recognize you much better Better than I understand myself
I open up up and give you everything Then you say, O.K. what else And once I run away you always cry You always over react But I do not understand if you recognize how you really feel But you better understand before I gain ago Cos just you recognize and also I know The points we expect to say Only you recognize and I know
The things we intend to say Just try to remember Now I"m the one you love You told me, ooh try to remember I"m the one you"re constantly reasoning of You told me, please attempt to remember Before I walk away Remember It"s not excellent enough informing me the way it was yesterday Cos only you know and I know The things we expect to say
Only you understand and I understand The things we expect to say Only you recognize and I know The things we suppose to say, yes Only you recognize and I know The things we mean to say Only you know and I understand...

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This could be my number two song from Phil Collins, I do not know just how well it did earlier in the day, after writing this I"ll check.




Annoyingly as people go this perboy we know as Phil Collins is hugely massively underapproximated... and also always has been.... this male has actually foracquired even more songs he created more than a lot of bands have created all together.... and also he is one perkid.... I guess some civilization simply cannot take care of all that talent oozing from one person... ... speaking for myself I have actually loved and appreciated your music for many type of many years so give thanks to you Mr Phil Collins...(talk around a power song this song was awesome once it came out yet listening to it on the modern sound system you have the right to really appreciate The adrenaline oozing from it)

PCgameplaz "Just try to Remember" male fanfuckingtastic, the musical intro to that verse after the melody of the rest of the song. Can"t say enough

the horn area of this song will rape your ears if you hear it via headphones :-) absolutely mind blowing ! I think also Quincy Jones was really impressed with that horn area when he heard it

Tbelow will never before be a great singer, songwriter & drummer favor Phil Collins was in the 1970’s & 1980’s.

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Michael Bertolino Phil is the perkid I compare Jen Ledger to in regards to being equally excellent singing and drumming.

LOVE this song, I constantly used to hear it on the cassette tape as a child after Sussudio and also I"m surprised it was never before a single, it"s real upbeat and catchy just favor Sussudio is! (I was born the exact same year No Jacket Required came out so it was a component of my childhood)

Phil played BASS and drums on this track. Great song. I favor to left and also right channel deal on Daryl"s guitar solo. Really cool!

check out the horns. initially I had a mono cassete player then after 2 years I heard this on stereo and horns acquired separated .choose this considering that from start

I still have actually the cassette :) I played the hell outta that cassette back as soon as I had the stereo and also cassette deck in my 1993 Dodge Shadow. Later, I ultimately bought the CD so I can import it to my iTunes / iPod :)

Just attempt to rememberNow I"m the one you loveYou told me, ooh attempt to rememberI"m the one you"re constantly reasoning ofYou told me, please attempt to rememberBefore I walk awayRememberIt"s not great enough informing me the method it was yesterday