ErinGolightly CPCPis the founder and also owner of Cutting edge Cosmetic Spa LLC andof the Advanced Permanent Cosmetics. Lead Trainer for Arizona is Erins cousin Lish Sandrick & Wisconsin Trainer is Amanda Tracey who has actually been training for Illinois location for years. Both have actually been mentored by Erin solely for many type of years and train to her exacting criteria.

All Trainers location Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (CPCP) by the worlds biggest association

We are completely Licensed and also Insured, and also maintains the greatest traditional of sanitation, and also sterilization when using irreversible makeup.We are 100% single-use-disposable.

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ErinGolightly CPCP Erin is the founder an owner of the Cutting edge Permanent Cosmetic Academy supplying Permanent Makeup and Microblading. We take a trip train across the states a well a numerous locations to attend. We are the the majority of in-depth training in the USA, we market the many course choices, hands-on live models...Need more confidence? You have the right to come ago for cost-free to watch hand-operated percent of another workshop. We are dedicated to your success and we take our task training you seriously. We market ongoing assistance in our exclusive Facebook group for our graduates. Please view our live video testimonials or click on attach listed below to view our reviews and testimonials. I don’t think civilization are incredibly mindful that when they take a sooner or later workshop grasp course through those artists that take a trip around the people they are not hand-operated at all, they don’t have actually live models for you, and also you only gain to watch a demonstration and also job-related on exercise pads… We are different and also we really take pride in our hands on workshops and it truly takes a team of impressive trainers not just Erin. We have actually many kind of places so it takes all of us… and our trainers are all amazing! ADVANCED COSMETICS


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We have actually a exclusive Facebook team, a area for artists attending workshops to share photo and also feel totally free to ask inquiries. We are constantly below to assist you troubleshoot with the private assistance team. Artists still need reassurance via shade selections, technical questions and to ask weather or not specific clients are an excellent candiday for a procedure. We constantly post upcoming advanced workshops in this team too. Our entire team is committed to meeting those demands.