ErinGolightly CPCPis the founder and also owner of advanced Cosmetic Spa llc andof the advanced Permanent Cosmetics. Lead Trainer because that Arizona is Erins cousin Lish Sandrick & Wisconsin Trainer is Amanda Tracey who has actually been training for Illinois place for years. Both have been mentored by Erin specifically for countless years and train to her exacting standards.

All Trainers area Certified irreversible Cosmetic specialists (CPCP) by the people largest association

We are completely Licensed and also Insured, and also maintains the highest standard the sanitation, and also sterilization when applying permanent makeup.We room 100% single-use-disposable.

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ErinGolightly CPCP Erin is the founder an owner that the progressed Permanent cosmetics Academy offering long-term Makeup and Microblading. We take trip train across the says a fine a several places to attend. We space the most an extensive training in the USA, we offer the many course options, manual live models...Need an ext confidence? You deserve to come ago for totally free to check out hands-on part of one more workshop. Us are devoted to your success and also we take our task training friend seriously. Us offer continuous support in our private Facebook team for ours graduates. Please check out our live video testimonials or click on link listed below to watch our reviews and also testimonials. I don’t think people are an extremely aware that as soon as they take it a someday workshop master course with those artists that travel roughly the world they room not hands-on at all, they don’t have live models for you, and you only obtain to watch a demonstration and work on practice pads… We space different and also we really take pride in our hand on workshops and also it important takes a team of impressive trainers not simply Erin. Us have plenty of locations so the takes all of us… and also our trainers are all amazing! progressed COSMETICS


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We have actually a private Facebook group, a ar for artist attending workshops come share picture and feel free to asking questions. We are constantly here to assist you troubleshoot with the private support group. Artist still require reassurance with shade choices, technical questions and to questioning weather or not details clients are a good candidate because that a procedure. We constantly post upcoming progressed workshops in this team as well. Our whole team is committed to conference those needs.