peak-load pricing

the principle of charging greater PRICES for particular products (that cannot be stored) at time of peak demand to reflect the higher MARGINAL costs of supplying products at peak times. Peak-load pricing is designed to encourage consumer to spread their demand more evenly so as to avoid the need to invest in plant the is climate grossly underutilized in ~ off-peak times. Peak-load pricing is supplied in electricity supply, railways, etc., utilizing multipart tariffs.


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Consequently, us conclude that there is a sound economic rationale for introducing some kind of peak-load pricing right into the device operator"s optimizing criterion.
A TOU Pricing mechanism to encourage Renewable energy Consumption: The situation of the west Inner Mongolia net in China
The study emphasises the need to re-examine the tariff structure, consisting of the use of subsidies and variable peak-load pricing, and assess whether it is flexible enough for the private sector to sell electrical power to the national grid top top a commercially viable basis.
This is MacAvoy"s version of the peak-load pricing trouble that is generally examined in the electricity literature.
Crystal clearance: among the most obvious effects of the solitary currency has actually been to boost price transparency in the eurozone. Back this has been good news for consumers, it has actually forced countless businesses come rethink their pricing strategies. Gavin Reid and also Julia Smith describe some that the brand-new approaches. (EU Price Transparency)
We begin with the algebraic instance that ties this new rationale because that price maintain to the phenomenon recognized as peak-load pricing and that is also the basis because that some other points.
The financial literature ~ above peak-load pricing, management, fuel-switching, alternate fuel sources, and also related problems is so extensive that we deserve to only hope to perform a few works, including those through Steiner (1957), Panzar and Sibley (1978), Crew and also Kleindorfer (1978), Hamlen and also Tschirhart (1980), Brown and Sibley (1986), and Phillips (1988).(10) We additionally recognize the growing literature on genuine time pricing and also other pricing advancements being emphasized in the face of the existing trend in the direction of deregulation the wholesale bulk power and retail markets.(11) However, the price of electricity generated in ~ federally owned hydropower framework is minimal to the restore of yes, really costs and also is not changed to reflect industry conditions.
Also, the conversion from uniform pricing come peak-load pricing may work in reduce the price that the business (Bergstrom and MacKie-Mason, 1991).
Downs is most attracted come "peak-load pricing", which attempts come equate the private marginal price of driving to the social marginal cost, by increasing the cost of driving during rush-hour.
He brought Gordes and another local conservation specialist over there to do power audits of neighborhood businesses and to short local energy officials on peak-load pricing and similar strategies.
The stupidity of free-market chic ... In east Europe; how American economics is hurting polish capitalism
Next, Crew and Kleindorfer research the issue of peak-load pricing. The regulation pricing scheme must account for a need that is not uniform throughout a time period.

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