Name Paul Kemsley
Birth Name Paul Zeital Kemsley
Date of Birth respectable 17, 1967
Zodiac Sign leo
Gender Male
Birth Country Stanmore, united Kingdom
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Profession Businessman
Net worth $55 Million
Marital Status Married
Spouse Dorit Kemsley (m. 2015)
Children Atlanta, Phoenix, Tatum, Jagger and also Daniel Kemsley
Hair Color White Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Height 1.65 m tall
Weight 70 kg

Paul Kemsley, a vice-chairman that the good Premier organization football team, Tottenham Hotspur, is just one of the prominent businessmen from the united Kingdom. The is the husband of Dorit Kemsley, a famous TV actress, who appears in a TV present “Beverly Hills’ actual Housewives.

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” Paul spends v his mam a high-profile romantic life.

Paul Kemsley to be born in Stanmore, England, ~ above August 17, 1967, and is currently 52 year old. That is one English national and a white ethnic group. Paul Kemsley has completed his Harrow’s Atholl college high school education. He used to pat darts through Mike Ashley in his youth and also even operated in john Paul Menswear until he to be 15.

Paul’s Married Life With Dorit Kemsley

Paul Kemsley married Loretta Gold because that the an initial time and had three kids together. However the pair divorced, and his ex-wife relocated with three youngsters to London. In 2015, Paul Kemsley knot the renowned TV actress Dorit Kemsley, who appeared on the acclaimed tv series, “Beverly Hills actual Housewives.” The couple’s two youngsters Jagger and also Phoenix, space blessed.

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Paul’s Career as a Businessman

When the was just 17 year old, Paul began his official career. He left his college to work-related as a small surveyor in ~ Gross Great. Then, in 1995, after 3 years, Paul founded “Rock Joint ventures Ltd” through its partners Joe Lewis and also Daniel Levy, whereby he worked as a developer and also as an investor for both commercial and residential buildings.

Then, after the company’s success, Paul suddenly became a Vice-Chairman that the famed football club Tottenham Hotspur. He was in that place till 2007 indigenous 2001. His company then donated financially to the club, however FAS fined Paul 622,000 dollars.

Paul also made his debut in the 2005-2008 TV reality show “The Apprentice” in the UK version. Then, Paul likewise acted together the 2010-2011 football club chairman new York Cosmos and confirmed his presence in 2016 as an above TV collection “The genuine Housewives the Beverly Hills.

Total network Worth – $60 Million

The approximate network worth that Paul is $60 million. Kemsley has an impressive career v a kind amount of money, and Paul obtained an tremendous amount of money native his absent Joint endeavor Ltd business. He also received a amount of money as president of famous soccer clubs.

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Paul came into the limelight once he fastened the node to Dorit Kemsley, her present wife because she is a well-known TV actress. Instagram is also known since the Instagram account includes about 68 k followers.