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The new England Patriots have done: they have won Super bowl 53 against the Los Angeles Rams, earning their sixth Vince Lombardi Trophy through a 13-3 victory. And with the championship parade following this week, make sure to look the appropriate way: our friends at break T developed a collection of apparel come celebrate the Patriots’ victory on the game’s greatest stage — and also they room all available as T-shirts and also as hoodies.

6x Champions

The Patriots will carry their sixth Lombardi Trophy ago to Foxboro, and also they space all with each other on this T-shirt (and hoodie, if girlfriend opt for one). Acquire your 6x Champions equipment right here.

I just like Winning Titles

Earlier throughout the playoffs, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stated that that “just like winning” — and with one more title under his belt, you have the right to now the suitable statement. Obtain the T-shirt and also hoodie by click here.

Entering brand-new England

new England has been fairly successful this century, through the Patriots leading the means with six titles now. You can acquire the “Entering brand-new England” shirt ideal here.

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For an ext Super key or Patriots shirts from break T, you re welcome click here.

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