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Yes, it is a special instance of enthalpy of neutralization.

The enthalpy the neutralization (ΔHn) is the readjust in enthalpy that occurs as soon as one identical of an acid and also one tantamount of a base undergo a neutralization reaction to type water and a salt.

The conventional enthalpy change of neutralization is the enthalpy adjust when solutions of an acid and also an alkali react together under standard problems to produce 1 mole the water.

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The exactly answer is hydrogen gas is produced.


Metals are identified as the elements which loose electrons to obtain stability.

Acid is defined as the substance which releases hydrogen ions when liquified in water. It is represented as HA.

When an energetic metal reacts v an acid, it leader to the production of a salt and released hydrogen gas. General equation representing this reaction follows:


For Example: Reaction that zinc steel with HCl, the equation follows:


Hence, the correct answer is hydrogen gas is produced.

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The well balanced equation because that the neutralisation reaction is as follows2NaOH + H₂SO₄ ---> Na₂SO₄ + 2H₂Ostoichiometry the NaOH to H₂SO₄ is 2:1the variety of moles the NaOH reacted - 0.126 mol/L x 0.0173 together = 0.00218 molif 2 mol of NaOH reacts with 1 mol of H₂SO₄ then 0.00218 mol of NaOH reacts v - 0.00218 / 2 = 0.00109 mol that H₂SO₄ molarity is the variety of moles the solute in 1 together solutiontherefore if 25 mL includes - 0.00109 mol then 1000 mL includes - 0.00109 mol / 25 mL x 1000 mL = 0.0436 mol/Ltherefore molarity the H₂SO₄ is 0.0436 M

The exactly answer among the selections given above is the last option. As soon as an mountain reacts v an active metal, hydrogen gas is produced. The hydrogen in mountain is displaced by the steel yielding hydrogen gas.Mg + 2HCl = MgCl2 + H2

The contents of manganese (mn) in steel was determined spectrophotometrically and also with the use of the standard enhancement method. One unknown sample of mn indigenous a digested stole sample provided an absorbance of 0.185 when analyzed spectrophotometrically. When 5.00 ml of systems containing 95.5 ppm mn was added to 50.0 ml of the unknown steel solution (digested sample), the absorbance was 0.248. Calculation the concentration, in parts-per-million (ppm), of mn in the digested stole sample solution.