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that is no a happy time for Arizona Cardinals fans. The Cardinals were dominated in every phase of the game on Sunday and were blown the end 49-15 through the Carolina Panthers. The Cardinals rotate the ball over seven times. Four of them were Carson Palmer interceptions. Video camer Newton threw for 2 touchdowns and rushed for 2 more. That passed for over 300 yards.

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It wasn"t a fun end to a one-of-a-kind season.

Here are recaps come the game, if you can bear to look ago at the game.

Cardinals" Season end Without A RingPanthers roll in NFC Championship, 49-15, as Cardinals commit 7 turnovers

A difficult Finish because that Carson PalmerNotes: an excellent season end poorly for QB; Peterson"s muffed punt; David Johnson excels

Championship: Cardinals vs. Panthers highlightsWatch the highlights as the Carolina Panthers win the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 to breakthrough to Super key 50.

Cardinals blog | NFC Championship aftermath

"The emotions space still therefore raw for me. For this reason raw," Fitzgerald said, when asked to assess 2015 as a whole. "In a pair days ns might have the ability to have a small bit better answer for you. It yes, really hurts." "Obviously," Fitzgerald added, "I didn’t want it to finish this way."

Locker Room Reaction: Cardinals vs. Panthers

Players and coaches talk after the game.

Boivin: Arizona Cardinals won"t rest easy after ~ blowout

The Cardinals were, understandably, crushed ~ one-sided loss come Carolina in NFC Championship Game

Cardinals stars fail come shine in NFC title game loss

The Panthers taken on the Cardinals 49-15 to development to Super bowl 50, whereby they will certainly play the Broncos.

Bickley: Arizona Cardinals" wonder season ends with a thud

Eulogies are hardly ever pleasant. Our farewell to the 2015 Cardinals is somber proof.

McManaman: Cardinals" defensive backfield falls short

Cam Newton and his receivers spent Sunday night pounding far on the Cardinals secondary.

Ted Ginn Jr. Comes earlier to bite the Cardinals

Cardinals notes: D. Johnson it is intended in an initial half that NFC Championship Game

Recap of Cardinals" NFC title game loss in Carolina

The Cardinals turned that over 7 times as they dropped 49-15 come the Panthers in the NFC Championship Game.

Arizona Cardinals" Carson Palmer falls short on best stage of career - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

Carson Palmer finished with six turnovers, including four interceptions, in his very first conference title video game -- a blowout loss to the Panthers.

NFL Playoffs: David Johnson up, Carson Palmer under in Cardinals" loss - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN

David Johnson was up and also Carson Palmer was down in the Cardinals" 49-15 loss come the Panthers in the NFC Championship Game.

Panthers show Cardinals the door in blowout fashion | FOX Sports

The Cardinals picked a destructive time -- on the roadway in the NFC championship game, no less -- to have actually a mistake-filled performance.

Panthers claim NFC crown v thorough 49-15 win over Cardinals in NFC Championship - NBCSPORTS1060.COM

After scoring top top their first three possessions the the game, Carolina to be up 17-0, and they never ever looked back, as they flattened Arizona 49-15, to insurance claim their rightful place at Super bowl 50 together NFC Champions.

Cardinals shed to Panthers, fall quick of Super bowl 50

The Arizona Cardinals make one failure after an additional in losing the NFC Championship game to the Carolina Panthers.

The Cardinals" late-season slip and other notes from Charlotte

For many of the season the Arizona Cardinals were among the NFL"s best, obliterating teams with aplomb. Because that the critical month or so, they to be anything but.

Carson Palmer has actually forgettable night in loss come Panthers

This was claimed to be the night in which Carson Palmer proved the NFL human being that he to be an upstream quarterback capable of leading a team to the at sight Bowl.

With loss come Panthers, Cardinals come up quick of ultimate goal

The Cardinals won the coin toss yet did little right after ~ that, walking three-and-out top top their an initial drive and also falling behind 17-0 after one quarter.

Cardinals thank fans for assistance after NFC Championship loss

The Arizona Cardinals endured a disappointing 49-15 loss come the Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship, and also the loss placed an end to the 2015 season.

Panthers 49 Cardinals 15: Dabbin" come the Super bowl - Cat scratch Reader

The Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals in blow out fashion ~ above their way to an NFC Championship victory and also a stamped ticket come a Super bowl berth.

Game Recap: Panthers 49, Cardinals 15

Carolina scores first 17 points, never lets up come knock turn off Arizona and also earn a clues in Super bowl 50 the contrary the Denver Broncos.

Infographic: NFC Championship Recap

A look at some key statistics from the Panthers" NFC Championship success over Arizona.

Secondary responds to the challenge

After hearing around the explosive Arizona passing strike all week, the Panthers defensive backs were out to prove a allude in the NFC Championship.

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What we Learned: Panthers vs. Cardinals

Ted Ginn, Jr. Admitted it was personal against his former team; team leaders cam Newton, Luke Kuechly prove your worth however again.