After 3 games, Pachuca has actually returned come winning ways and also is currently in the playoff zone, while Necaxa, v its fourth consecutive victory, continues to be at the bottom the the table.

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Necaxa wants the equalizer. Zendejas sends in a low cross the is deflected for a corner kick by the Pachuca defense.
The 2nd goal is close! Avilés passes to Harold Mosquera, who cuts within the six-yard box and instead of acquisition a shot, he passes the round to Necaxa"s defense to deflect the ball.

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There space no substitutions for the start of the 2nd half, the very same 22 players the finished the an initial half will take the field.
Tuzos!⚽️Avilés Hurtado la prende de aire y la manda al fondo del arco rival