Kawhi Leonard has actually been ruled the end for tonight's dispute versus the Pacers, still sitting on one-half that back-to-backs

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Who"s Playing

Matchup: Indiana Pacers vs Toronto Raptors

Records: Pacers (26-12), Raptors (29-12)

Where come Watch

Date: Sunday, Jan. 7

Time: 7:30 p.m. ET


Lourbanbreathnyc.comtion: Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, ON

Game Preview

Over the past month, due to the fact that Dec. 3 to it is in precise, the Indiana Pacers have only lost two games of the 15 they have actually played.

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Easily the finest record over that time span, the Pacers rank ahead of early season Conference Finals favorite in both the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. Quietly, they have put with each other the league"s 2nd-best defense (102.5) , which permits them to boast off about the league"s second-best network rating (6.3) regardless of having a sub-par violation (108.8 - 16th).

Other than the substantial momentum they are urbanbreathnyc.comrrying, the Pacers would also want come avenge your previous ns in Toronto ~ above Dec. 19. It was a rather controversial loss with a to let go urbanbreathnyc.comll yet nonetheless, it was Indiana that squandered a 17-point lead, therefore they would want to do amends on this expedition up north.

Attempting to victory in Toronto versus the Raptors would mean that Indiana is likewise going up against some history. The Pacers have dropped your last ten continual season games in urbanbreathnyc.comnada, through their last victory coming on march 1, 2013.

Coming to the Raptors, it"s been a rough previous month. They"ve unable to do from 20-4 come 29-12, mostly in part to injuries to Kyle Lowry (back) and the ocurbanbreathnyc.comsional gamings missed by Kawhi Leonard and also Serge Ibaka.

They"ve even dropped the one seeds in the process, second in the organization only through a half-game come the Milwaukee Bucks, who they defeated on Saturday night . A success in this clash versus the Pacers need to push the Raptors earlier to the height seed in the league.

Game Notes

The Raptors have played 19 of your 40 gamings at home and have unable to do 15-4 in those ahead 19 encounters. The Pacers, who have actually played an equal number of games at home and also on the road, have actually gone 12-7 in your 19 road gamings so far. This is Toronto"s seventh back-to-back this season and also they have gone 5-1 so far on the 2nd game that those back-to-backs. despite Nick Nurse"s comments the Kawhi Leonard would start playing in back-to-back"s, Leonard has been ruled the end for tonight"s contest. Pacers" Myles Turner (shoulder) is provided as questionable and also Ike Anigbogu (knee) is supposedly out.

Last Time lock Played

Date: Dec. 20, 2018

Score: Pacers 96-99 Raptors

Pacers: Myles Turner - 10 points, 14 rebounds, and also 5 blocks.

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Raptors: Kawhi Leonard - 28 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, and also 4 steals.

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