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which now!Time to move on.Time to be strong.Don"t protect against now.Straight come the height now.Let"s go.That"s what i need.Someone who truly understandsHow to treat a man.Come on. You"re sweet, baby.How come treat a man.This is what i need.Girl, you made me think again.If you happy climate be through him.Go "head, mommy, breathe again.Go "head, mommy, breathe again.Don"t avoid now.Straight to the top now.Go "head, mommy, do it warm now.I need me a loveThat"s "gon do my heart protect against now.And what I need is simple:Five foot 5 with dimples,Potential mam credentials.Know around the life I"m into,Life I"ve to be through,And exactly how I had actually a trifling mental.So ride v me,G pressure fly through me.Times gain hard: cry through me,Die with me,White beach sands: lie with me.My advice is forget the limelight.Let"s do loveWhile us listen to Frank White.So tight.Now, I recognize life.This is what ns need,What i need Yeah. Take it that.Is a nice woman beside me. A pretty woman. Yeah, baby.To re-superstructure the dreams that i believe. Dream v me, think in me.Maybe we can start a family. start a family, baby.Yes, come on.Someone that truly understandsHow come treat a man.How come treat a man.This is what i need.Listen come me nowWhat should I say now?Come on, ma.Been a whole day nowI wanna put "roundAnd sip coladas,Dipped in PradaI"m smooth as Erik Estrada,Dipped in dollars.We out in las vegas Nevada.Bubble bathIn the champagne glass"Bout the size of a project ad.You don"t know how you look come me,But if love to be a crime you"d it is in a crook to me"Cause, mommy, i done been around the world,Seen a many places,Been about your girl,Believe I review faces.I have the right to tellShe don"t desire me prevail,But I learn my lessonWatching Sean bless it.So why listen to her and also start guessing?Mommy, friend ain"t all set to ride to begin dressing.I need a girl obtain my mom"s blessing.Confession. Mine love. No contesting.I require affection.Yes, I need affection. Let"s go, Mario!Talk to her.Girl what the hell is on your mindI might be dumb yet I"m no blind.Come on.There"s other leaking in her mind.What"s on your mind?Don"t look at to good for you and also me.Come on.Always getting weak.Come on.That ain"t what i need, baby!Let"s go.What I require is a quite woman alongside me. oh please, baby.To re-superstructure the desires that ns believe. I require a girl in mine life.Maybe we might start a family. start a family, baby.Someone who truly understandsHow to treat a man.How to treat a man.This is what ns need.Ay yo, ay yo, ay yo.The sun don"t light forever,But as lengthy as were hereThen we might as well shine together.Never mind the weather.Go somewhere and also get our minds together.Build a love that"ll last forever.So, let"s prevent the pain.Stop the rain.Put stress to rest, girl, protect against the games.Name the spot, mommy, I gained the plane.Roll with rough, I got the range.Ma, I got some thangsKnown to placed rocks in rings.Push a hundreds foot yachts and thangs.Your male don"t play.Have you ever before been to Saint TropezOr viewed a brother play a mandole?Girl, i wanna just look in her eyesAnd clock the sunrise.No much more lies, no much more tears come cry.No an ext reasons for leaving.You I believe in?Love friend "til the job I prevent breathing.This is what ns need.I love you, girl.Come on.Is a nice woman beside me. Standing alongside me, girl.To re-publishing the desires that ns believe. as soon as I wake up up in the morning.Maybe we might start a family. i wanna see your pretty face. Yeah.Someone who truly understandsHow to treat a man.This is what ns need. Is the all girlfriend want?Is a nice woman alongside me. make the sacrifice.To share the dreams that ns believe.

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and also maybe, possibly we...Someone who truly understandsHow come treat a man.This is what i need, baby.Is a pretty woman next to me.Standing next to me, girl.To share the desires that i believe.When ns wake up in the morning.Maybe we could start a family.I wanna check out your nice face, baby.Someone who truly understands, baby,How come treat a man.This is what ns need.Is a nice woman next to me.