Price discrimination advert to: A. Offering a offered product for various prices at two various points in time.B. Any type of price above that which is same to a minimum average complete cost.C. The selling of a offered product at different prices that perform not reflect price differences.D. The difference in between the prices a completely competitive seller and also a purely monopolistic seller would certainly charge.

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The practice of price differentiate is connected with pure monopoly because: A. It can be exercised whenever a firm"s need curve is downsloping.B. Monopolists have actually considerable capacity to control output and also price.C. Monopolists commonly realize economic climates of scale.D. Most monopolists sell distinguished products.
Which that the complying with is not a precondition for price discrimination? A. The commodity involved must it is in a durable good.B. The an excellent or service cannot it is in profitably resold by initial buyers.C. The seller must be able to segment the market, the is, to differentiate buyers with different elasticities of demand.D. The seller should possess some degree of monopoly power.
A price discriminating pure monopolist will certainly attempt to fee each buyer (or group of buyers): A. Various prices come compensate for distinctions in the features of the product.B. The same price if per unit price is constant for each unit the the product.C. The price which equates to the buyer"s marginal cost.D. The maximum price each would be willing to pay.
Other things equal, in which of the following instances would financial profit be the greatest? A. An unregulated monopolist which is may be to engage in price discriminationB. One unregulated, nondiscriminating monopolistC. A regulation monopolist charging a price same to average total costD. A regulated monopolist charging a price same to marginal cost
If a monopolist engages in price discrimination, the will: A. Realize a smaller sized profit.B. Fee a higher price where individual demand is inelastic and a reduced price whereby individual demand is elastic.C. Develop a smaller output than once it did not discriminate.D. Charge a competitive price to all its customers.
B. Charge a greater price whereby individual need is inelastic and also a reduced price whereby individual demand is elastic
Price discrimination is: A. Always legal.B. Constantly illegal.C. Only illegal if it harms consumers more than non-discrimination.D. Just illegal if used to to decrease or get rid of competition
Other points equal, a price discriminating monopolist will: A. Establish a smaller economic profit than a nondiscriminating monopolist.B. Create a bigger output 보다 a nondiscriminating monopolist.C. Produce the very same output together a nondiscriminating monopolist.D. Develop a smaller sized output than a nondiscriminating monopolist.
A dilemma that regulation is that: A. The regulation price that achieves allocative efficiency is also likely to result in persistent financial profits.B. The regulated price that results in a "fair return" restricts calculation by an ext than would certainly unregulated monopoly.C. Regulated pricing always conflicts through the "due process" delivery of the Constitution.D. The regulation price the achieves allocative efficiency is likewise likely to result in losses.
If a regulatory commission desires to administer a natural monopoly with a same return, the should create a price the is equal to: A. Minimum mean fixed cost.B. Average total cost.C. Marginal cost.D. Marginal revenue.
If a regulatory commission wants to create a socially optimal price because that a herbal monopoly, that should choose a price: A. In ~ which the marginal cost curve intersects the demand curve.B. At which marginal revenue is zero.C. At which the average total cost curve intersects the need curve.D. Which corresponds with the equality that marginal cost and also marginal revenue.
Suppose because that a regulated syndicate that price equals minimum ATC however price above MC. This means that: A. Both productive and allocative performance are being achieved.B. Productive performance is gift achieved, however not allocative efficiency.C. Allocative efficiency is gift achieved, however not abundant efficiency.D. Neither fertile nor allocative effectiveness is being achieved.
If a regulatory commission imposes top top a nondiscriminating natural syndicate a price that is same to marginal cost and below average full cost in ~ the result output, then: A. The firm will realize an economic profit.B. The firm will earn only a common profit.C. Allocative performance will be worsened.D. The firm need to be subsidized or it will certainly go bankrupt.
(Consider This) youngsters are charged much less than adult for admission to experienced baseball games yet are charged the same prices as adult at the concession stands. This pricing device occurs because: A. Kids have one elastic need for game ticket however an inelastic demand for concession items.B. Kids have an inelastic need for video game tickets but an elastic demand for concession items.C. The seller deserve to prevent kids from buying game tickets for adults yet cannot prevent children from buying concession items because that adults.D. Children can personally "consume" only a solitary game ticket, but can personally consume much more than one concession item.

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C. The seller deserve to prevent kids from buying video game tickets because that adults however cannot prevent youngsters from purchase concession items for adults
(Consider This) youngsters are charged much less than adult for admission to skilled baseball games but are fee the same prices as adults at the concession stands. Which of the following conditions of price discrimination describe why this occurs? A. The seller must have actually some monopoly power; the is, it should be may be to set the product price.B. The seller must be able to identify buyers by group characteristics such as period or income.C. Teams must have various elasticities of need for the product.D. The items cannot be to buy by world in the low-price group and transferred come members of the high-price group.
D. The items can not be purchase by people in the low-price groups and transferred come members the the high-price group


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