Unpopular Opinion: 15 TV Shows That Suck If there"s one thing that people definitely don"t agree on, it"s what TV shows are the best.

If there"s one thing that people definitely don"t agree on, it"s what TV shows are the best. You may be totally confused because you"re obsessed with a certain series and your best friend thinks it sucks, and then the next day you could learn that she loves your most hated show ever. It"s pretty confusing when you think about it. You"ve learned that it"s best to not insult any TV shows to anyone"s face without knowing what they are into. You don"t want to start a huge fight and you kind of want to keep your best friends. Of course, behind their backs, you don"t understand how they could possibly watch what they do. What makes you even crazier is when a show is really popular and you just can"t get with the program so to speak. You don"t know what the appeal is and you never will. Read on to find out 15 TV shows that totally suck... even if that"s a really unpopular opinion!


15 Nashville

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You may have watched this show once upon a time or maybe you never got into it. But chances are, you were a fan... until the last few seasons when things have gotten really ridiculous. The storylines have ranged from silly to just plain unrealistic and it can be really tough to keep watching. Last year, the big news in the TV world was that Nashville was canceled... and then CMT picked it up again. Since the fifth season started airing in January 2017, you have been watching... and you have to admit that maybe it should have stayed canceled! You don"t like the new direction, the new tone, or the fact that, well, the best character on the show has unfortunately gone to that big place in the sky. You just don"t get this show and you don"t know why it"s so popular but you seem to be the only person who feels that way.

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14 American Horror Story

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You can"t even with this show and you feel like you"re the only one who feels that way! You wish that you could watch this show. You have tried. You have watched some of the seasons and really made it your mission in life to a.) watch and b.) understand. Yeah, the cat is out of the bag: you don"t really get this show. You never understand the main mystery behind each season, you are kind of grossed out by some of the characters and storylines, and it"s just not for you. When your friends tell you how obsessed they are with this show, you feel like kind of a loser for feeling confused AF when you tune in. So sometimes you lie and swear that you"re addicted to this series, too. Hey, whatever you can do to fit in, right? But now the secret is out and you"re admitting that you just don"t get it. Oh well!


13 Breaking Bad

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You are literally the only person on the planet who doesn"t love this show... and so it"s time to tell the truth about it! You think this show is too dark and too gross. There, you said it. Your friends were all completely obsessed with this series. Maybe you watched the entire thing just to be cool and seem like you knew what was going on in the pop culture world. Maybe you watched a few episodes and had to give up. Either way, you weren"t a fan and you have never regretted it. You just can"t get down with this show. And whether you watched the super dark and depressing series finale yourself or just heard about it online, you have to admit that you don"t think that watching an entire series only to watch a miserable ending like that seems like a good time. It"s not not your idea of fun. There are so many other shows to watch.

12 Sex and the City

OMG how can you say that you don"t love this show?! You feel so guilty for admitting this! But it"s time to be honest. You think this show is super overrated and not all that it"s cracked up to be. You get that it"s supposed to be this great big feminist show and sometimes it seems like that, but other episodes really get under your skin. You don"t get why the women have to sit around talking about men all the time. You really don"t. It can get frustrating to keep watching them trying to find love since all they seem to do is meet losers and jerks. Also, there"s the fact that if you"re single, you don"t really want to watch a show about single women who can"t meet their match. You get enough of that in your own life, thank you very much! Your best friends probably won"t even talk to you if they learn that you don"t adore this show. Oops.


11 Orphan Black

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You LOVE Tatiana Maslany and think that she is SO talented. You don"t mean any disrespect here. You just think that the show was at its very best in the first season and that things haven"t been the same since. By the second and third seasons, you were confused and didn"t really know what was going on. You know that you"re not usually supposed to know what"s going on if a show is part of the mystery or horror or science fiction genre, but sorry, this is just the way that you feel. Not being a super fan of this show is another unpopular opinion that you have about a TV show so you might as well get used to not loving the shows that the whole world seems to adore. It"s cool. You"ll be a rebel/weirdo/outcast. You can handle that. Okay, maybe not, but that"s what you"re telling yourself.

10 The Vampire Diaries

This show sounded like a match made in heaven for you: a regular girl-next-door character meets two super hot and mysterious vampire brothers. It has got a love triangle, magic, horror, and friendship and family stories. What is not to love?! Well, a lot, at least according to you! This show really makes no sense when you really think about it. You can watch as many episodes as you want (and you have tried) and still you do not get it. You are always left confused by what is actually going on and your brain just can"t handle it at the end of the day. Then there is the fact that the main character, Elena, actually left the show! A main character can"t leave a show! That does not seem super logical to you. Shouldn"t a TV show end when the actress behind the main character wants to leave? You think that it should!


9 Orange Is The New Black

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Does anyone actually ENJOY watching this show? It"s so dark that sometimes it can seem impossible to like it at all. Yeah, it"s socially important and you"re not going to knock how powerful and moving the storylines can be... but you"re never really excited to watch it. First of all, the characters and plot lines are really, really, really depressing. So there"s that. You don"t always want to be depressed when you watch a TV show. There"s also the fact that you feel like you HAVE to watch this show so people will think that you"re cool and trendy and that you know what the popular shows are. You don"t want to feel like you"re being forced to watch a television show. You wish this show was a bit more uplifting. Then maybe you would like it. For now, you don"t! And yes, you get that it"s an unpopular thing to think.

8 The Americans

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This show is just so DARK and DULL. You definitely have a friend or family member who counts this TV show among their favorites, if not THEIR favorite, but you have never been able to get into it. You think that"s okay since not every show is for everyone and there are things that you adore that your best friends in the whole wide world can"t stand. So you"re even in that sense. Yeah, you get that it"s a smart political and historical show and that sometimes, entertainment can also be educational. But the characters are not likable enough for you to keep watching. And when you don"t like the people on a show, you can"t force yourself to keep watching, no matter how popular the series is or how much you think that you should like it. So there! You can"t lie anymore. You don"t think this show is as good as people say.


7 Girls

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You WANT to like this show. It"s honestly something that you wish you could do. The problem is that this show never lived up to its promise. It was supposed to be an interesting and intelligent commentary on life as a twentysomething... and instead, it"s kind of a strange show. There are moments that are powerful and beautiful but at the end of the day, you have to admit that the characters are unlikeable and what"s more, they don"t even seem to be friends at all. They seriously seem to hate each other and hate their lives. There"s no hope on this show and so it"s hard for you to keep tuning in. You have friends that swear by this show and are completely addicted, so it"s tough for you to admit how you feel, but there it is. The truth is out there and yeah, you definitely feel a bit relieved.

6 Downton Abbey

BORING. That"s all you can say about this show! For a while, you were terrified of letting your best friends know your true feelings about this dramatic series because everyone and anyone around you was completely into it. No one would even dream of saying they weren"t a fan. But here you are, being the rebel that you are. You tried to watch this show. You really did. It was like you were studying for the biggest exam of your life and you had to like the show in order to pass. Sadly, you just didn"t get into the show and that was that. You tried to move on. But you always knew that the fact that you hate this series would come back to haunt you and that day has arrived. You"re just not into period dramas whether television shows or films, so that has something to do with it. Phew. You"re glad you got that off your chest!


5 Game Of Thrones

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Will you have any friends and family left after you admit that you think this show is not that great?! Probably not! The thing is that this show is MAJORLY violent and miserable. You don"t understand why it drives people so nuts and why everyone seems so obsessed with it. It"s like this TV show has a hold over people or something. It"s like it"s magical and cast a spell and no one can admit that it"s not really that amazing. You just don"t understand why people would want to watch such a depressing and dark and awful world. You don"t want to feel terrible every time you turn on your TV and you don"t think that you can be the only person who feels that way. Okay, so there are dragons and you have to admit that is cool but other than that, you"re pretty confused by this show and its popularity.

4 The Walking Dead

This show is just... too much. There"s too much violence. Too much conflict. Too much sadness and misery. Things have gotten even worse in recent years and while most fans admit that the latest season had way too much horror, they still tend to think that this is one of the best shows ever. Not you. You just don"t feel that way. You feel like the biggest loser in the world when you admit that you"re not a fan of this show but it"s time to embrace your true self and be honest. You just don"t like this show and you"re never going to. It"s not for you and more than that, it totally and completely freaks you out! You could never sleep after watching it so after a while, you just stopped. But everyone else is still really into it so you know that saying that you hate it is a really unpopular thing to admit.


3 Glee

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You feel bad even saying this since the late and great Cory Monteith starred on this show but after a while the novelty of having a show that featured teenagers who sang and danced just wore off. You no longer got super excited about seeing what covers they would feature on the show and soon this show was no longer a part of your regular TV watching routine. You reached a point where you kind of even forgot that this show even existed! It just was not on your entertainment radar anymore. Yes, you totally understand that this show was really socially important and dealt with so many issues in a really beautiful and moving and powerful way. You are not disputing that. You just could not keep watching, okay?! You do not think that you are the only person who stopped watching but it felt that way for sure.

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2 Modern Family

This show was good in theory: a big family who drive each other absolutely nuts but really and truly love each other. But the truth is that you think this show isn"t all that it"s cracked up to be. In fact, you think that it"s been on the air for way too long and that it needs to be canceled. The problem is that every episode kind of feels like the exact same as the one before and you just don"t see the point. You don"t hate the characters -- in fact, you think they are super charming and adorable and loveable -- but this is a show that gets old and fast. You might have watched this show back in the day (aka the first season or so) but soon you got bored and couldn"t keep watching. You have friends that still find it hilarious so you"re definitely in the minority when you say that you just can"t possibly watch it anymore.


1 The Big Bang Theory

Via Digital Spy
Oh man. This show has to top the list because it"s so popular... and because you just can"t even. The truth is that no matter how hard you have tried to love this show, you can"t do it. it"s annoying AF and that"s just you being honest. You know that hating this show is a super unpopular opinion since it"s been on the air for so long, it"s a super successful sitcom, and it"s on 24/7. Seriously, this show seems to be on pretty much every single channel no matter what time of day. You just find the humor grating, the laugh track frustrating, and you don"t really find it that hilarious. And since a sitcom should be more funny and charming than annoying, you have to admit that you can"t get on board with this one. Sorry to all the fans out there but you just can"t deal with this one. And yeah, you know that you"re unpopular!