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The Philadelphia Eagles signed main Michigan defensive end Joe Ostman in undrafted complimentary agency. In order come learn more about the new Eagles defender, I got to out to SB country Mid-American Conference blog: Hustle Belt. Chippewas writer James Jimenez (
AVKingJames) was kind sufficient to answer my questions.

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1) can you amount up what his college career was like?

Joe Ostman to be absolutely a marked man whenever he inside wall up on the protective line. He to be the just player from his freshman course to not obtain redshirted, i m sorry is an indication of exactly how impressed CMU’s coaching staff at the moment with his ability on the field. He added early and often in a backup duty at first before taking over together a full-time starter his sophomore season. Joe perfect his career through 160 tackles, 28 sacks, 46.5 tackles because that loss and nine required fumbles in the Maroon and Gold, cementing him as one of the finest defensive commodities to come out of Mt. Pleasant.

If that weren’t for an regrettably timed injury in his true junior season, Ostman might have to be talked about as one of the best defensive finish prospects in collegiate football. He finished his an elderly season in style, sitting amongst the top 5 DE’s in the nation in sacks forced (14) despite absent two gamings in the season, while picking up 20.5 tackles because that loss and also a (nice) 69 full tackles.

2) What room his strengths?

He’s an aggressive pass rusher with good instincts who has a high motor and the absolute inability to give up on a play. He’s gained decent dimension with the potential for growth as well, standing in ~ six-foot-three, 257 lbs. Joe’s specialty is in developing chaos; in CMU’s protective scheme, his specialty was to assault the backfield as an leaf rusher and also get come the ball, even if it is it led to a sack, a TFL or a compelled fumble and he did so come shrewd performance with heavy tackling technique and a sleep for the action. He’s an absolute athlete who has actually plenty the power, strength and also enough agility to have the ability to flow through blocks and also not gain held up. You won’t find Joe top top the ground uneven he’s do a tackle, come say the least.

3) What room his weaknesses?

He’s not the prettiest edge rusher in the people to watch, particularly in the running game. For as an excellent as CMU was at containing the pass, lock struggled mightily through rushing attacks. He is still raw through those rush moves together a result, making him look awkward in ~ times. He’s not built like many other DE’s in the NFL are, either, with one cotton NFL reconnaissance describing the as having “legs favor a penguin.” Joe played linebacker in high institution at St. Ignace LaSalle, a tiny school at one of the lowest classifications in Michigan high college football, as result of necessity before getting here at CMU and it would certainly make sense if girlfriend looked in ~ his body and his rate of play. He’ll need to perfect plenty of edge techniques and learn the right angles of assault to comprise for his body type at the NFL level.

4) room you surprised he went undrafted?

I’m no surprised, per se, yet I to be disappointed. Joe had a an extremely impressive reflecting at the Shrine video game which I thought would maybe catapult him in ~ least into a work 3 draft pick. He’s likewise got an exceptional pedigree in regards to being one of the finest at his place in his conference, earning All-MAC honors in three of the four full seasons he played, consisting of first-team All-MAC in 2017, second-team all-MAC in 2016 and third-team all-MAC in 2015. NFL Network analyst Lance Zierlein had actually him together a 5th-or-6th round choice as well, which makes it slightly more disappointing. If friend look in ~ his tape, that jumps right off the display as a pro-ready talent who can make a 53-man roster or exercise squad for the appropriate football squad. Ns felt that deserved come hear his name called.

5) exactly how do you check out his NFL career playing out?

He’s walking to need some work, for certain. But Philadelphia confirmed to be wonderful on the protective line front last season, so I’m sure he’ll take well to instruction native coaches and also develop quickly. Walk forward, I can see him making a roster potentially, whether it is Philadelphia or elsewhere. He’ll likely see a the majority of special teams and special parcel play for the bulk of his job if that sees the field. Ns think he’ll be a welcome enhancement to any type of locker room and also work hard to continue to be there. An ext often than not, i’ve noticed, the one-scholarship-offer men tend come stick roughly for a lengthy time the end of college and also into the NFL.

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6) Anything come know around him turn off the field?

He’s really a an excellent student and, from every accounts, is wonderful person. He gained his level in marketing through a 3.66 GPA indigenous CMU, i m sorry is absolutely pretty great. He was a selection for the All-Academic MAC Team as well, and also is recognized for gift a notable humanitarian, win the famed Idaho Potato key Humanitarian award this previous season because that his occupational with Isabella County’s one-of-a-kind Olympics organization and also Eagle Village, a residence for disadvantaged children. He was also a finalist because that the wilhelm V. Campbell Trophy, i beg your pardon is basically the student-athlete Heisman trophy.

Out that St. Ignace LaSalle, a institution with a populace of 225 people per U.S. News and also World Report, he to be a three-time state champion in wrestling, owning the school document for continuous wins, victory percentage and wins in a season. He also ran track and field and played both linebacker and also tight end on the football team, getting a ar on the Detroit complimentary Press Fab 50 as the #32 prospect in the state and also was selected come multiple first-team all-state soccer lists coming from the 7-8 division in the Ski sink Conference. That was wonderful scholar together well, finishing close to the top of his class with a 3.8 GPA. Oh, and I’m sure he’s bringing the ideal desserts in town, as his parents very own a bakery in Mackinaw City.

If you’d choose to check out up much more on his background, CMU’s media division did great profile of his story prior to the famous Idaho Potato Bowl, which you deserve to read here.