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open up the Door RichardCount Basie and also His OrchestraWords by Dusty Fletcher and John MasonMusic by Jack Mcvea and also Don HowellPeaked at # 1 in 1947 and, true come the times, six other versions likewise made theTop 10Three Flames (#1); Dusty Fletcher (#3); Jack Mcvea (#3); the Charioteers (#6);Louis Jordan (#6); and The Pied Pipers (#8)Intro-conversations mingled in a overfilled room???? in ~ the club tonight. Ole Richard went home early-he"s got the an essential to theHouse. I"m gonna hit on the door, watch if i kin obtain in.Open the door, Richard!! Ya see, Richard sleeps in the ago room. It"s kinda hardTo hear.Maybe I much better knock a tiny louder.Open the door, Richard!! i don"t think Richard heard me yet. Hit one moreTime-let"s seeWhat"s gonna happen.Richard, open up the door, please.Sung: open the door, RichardOpen the door and let me inOpen the door, RichardRichard, why don"t you open up that door?Richard, open up the door, man-it"s *co-hold* the end here"n this air. Now look-there"s thatOld woman "cross the street lookin" the end the windah(Who"s that, Widow Sweet?)That should be her sister, ns guess. She wants to make sure this is me. She"s tryin"To discover outWhat"s happenin". Yes, it"s me and also I"m so late again!(??, did friend hear what the lady"s sayin"?)No, what is she sayin"?(She stated you certain look usual out here"n the street.)Common? Man, ns got course I ain"t never used yet. I"m gonna hit again-Richard"s obtained to get up.Open the door, Richard!! Man, you obtained a vital to the house?(No, ??, ns don"t have actually a key. I don"t have actually a key.)Somebody"s acquired to get in the house. We can"t rise in the transit.(Oh, I understand he"s in there.)How you understand he"s in there?(I can hear him breathin".)Ooooh, let"s shot it one an ext time!Richard, open up that door, man. Probably Richard"s gone.Sung: open up the door, RichardOpen the door and also let me inOpen the door, RichardRichard, why don"t you open that door? I know he"s in there.(how you know he"s in there?)Why, you obtained on the suit.I understand I acquired on the only suit. Ain"t got yet one suit in between us. That"s theReason why i don"t favor to roooooom through nobody.FadeRichard, why don"tcha open the door, man?Transcriber"s notes: *cold. "*This entire song is done on an ad-lib basis and it varies extensively from otherVersions, i beg your pardon were significantly funnier. "??" to represent the surname orNicknames the the band members i m sorry I can not comprehend. Still the is theVersion that made #1