This brief overview is for Fortnite players that are presently asking what is a faction locked chest and wright here are Spy Bases located.

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fortnite open up a faction locked chest at different spy bases
Fortnite"s Storm the Agency obstacles are currently obtainable, and also they ask players to swim over hatches at The Agency, eliminate a Henchguy at different Safe Houses, and even more. Perhaps the a lot of complicated of these new Fortnite obstacles is to open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases, as this needs fans to understand what a factivity locked chest is, just how to find one at a Spy Base, and just how to acquire one open once situated. For those players that may be confused on any kind of of these details, this guide is below to assist.

To start, it is vital to answer the question of what is a faction locked chest in Fortnite, as it would certainly absolutely be difficult to open up one without that clarified. To put things ssuggest, Fortnite"s factivity locked chests are special containers situated in Spy Bases, and players will need to disguise themselves to unlock them. This indicates that fans have to visit a phone booth before hitting a faction locked chest in Fortnite, and those have the right to be found simply exterior of the Spy Bases.

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With that established, players might now be wondering wright here are Spy Bases in Fortnite, and fortunately they are quite basic to come by. That is because Fortnite"s Spy Bases are all named areas, and also they are the Yacht, the Rig, the Grotto, and also the Agency. While fans have the right to come across a number of faction locked containers in these locations, the following video will straight players that desire a visual referral to three of them:

In summary, to open a faction locked chest at different Spy Bases in Fortnite, players have to head to among the aforementioned named areas, disguise themselves in a nearby phone booth, and then visit the cache. Without a doubt, this procedure may be a bit more involved than some of the other Storm the Agency challenges, but it have to still be simple enough for players to complete.

To note, fans that finish all of the Fortnite Storm the Agency difficulties will certainly get 120,000 XP, a glider, a pickaxe, and a wrap. This is absolutely no little reward, and doing things choose opening faction locked chests is a perfect way to say goodbye to Fortnite Chapter 2 Seaboy 2, which is collection to finish on June 4.

Fortnite is easily accessible now on Mobile, COMPUTER, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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