Haley confronts Brooke about the stolen calculus test. Lucas and also Peyton think about taking their relationship to the next level together Peyton and also Brooke grow closer. In Deb’s absence, Nathan litter a senior party at the Scott residence where a sex tape from Nathan’s past surfaces.

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Serie: One Tree Hill

Director: zenit Cooke

Guest Star: Amber Wallace, Bevin Prince, Elisabeth Harnois, Shawn Shepard, Stephen Colletti



A gritty, action-packed crime drama collection during the brutal Tong wars of san Francisco’s Chinatown in the second fifty percent of the 19th century. The series follows Ah Sahm, a martial…


Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods adheres to the stays of the NYPD’s very first Family of legislation Enforcement: the Reagans. Frank, the Police Comissioner and son of previous PC Henry Reagan, have to balance his duties…


Modern Family

Told indigenous the view of one unseen documentary filmmaker, the collection offers an honest, often-hilarious view of household life. Parental Phil and Claire yearn because that an honest, open relationship with…

A mother, take it from she daughter, embarks top top a harrowing journey, avoiding at nothing to discover her. Thrust alongside a tiny group of American refugees, she need to brave a hostile…

The all brand-new “true crime” instance of Fargo’s new chapter travels ago to 1979 in Sioux Falls, south Dakota and Luverne, Minnesota, whereby a young State Police Officer Lou Solverson,…

The marine Criminal examination Service’s Office the Special projects takes on the undercover work and also the tough to crack cases in LA. Key agents room G. Callen and Sam Hanna,…

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