The One-Punch guy OVA episodes You Won't find Streaming There are a variety of One-Punch guy OVAs the aren"t easily accessible for streaming. Here"s what you need to know around them.

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thanks to a fantastic first season, One-Punch Man is one of the most well-known anime around. However, there space a variety of Original video Animations (OVAs) that room only easily accessible on the DVD and Blu-ray release of One-Punch Man. This shorts, which exist exterior the story"s main plot, provide further understanding into the One-Punch Man universe.

Here"s are some quick synopses the what wake up in those shorts, which are missing from legal streaming sites.

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"Road to Hero"

with a movie-length runtime, Road come Hero delves right into Saitama’s past and the specific events surrounding just how he gained his trademark mustard-yellow/ketchup-red hero suit. Together he continues to prosper stronger, Saitama chases down a gang that has actually been extorting tiny shops out of business, consisting of the garments store he frequents for repairs come his tracksuit. Thrust by the bounties posted and also a have to pay rent, he brings the villains come justice, just to have actually the landlady absent him out due to the fact that the crooks were her tenants and a major source the income. The garments store owner decides come shut under anyway, and he offers Saitama his suit as a parting gift.

set before Genos became Saitama"s apprentice ~ the latter defeated Mosquito Girl, the cyborg hero goes to painstaking lengths to uncover the an enig to Saitama’s power. After ~ watching a movie ~ above stalkers the night before, Saitama i do not care paranoid the he too could have a stalker. Later, Saitama order a key of french fries in ~ a diner and also returns home. However, this reasons Genos come abduct among the fries, encouraged that they can be the source of his power. ~ above the method home, Saitama pummels B-Class criminal Men’s esthetician Man, thinking he is the stalker, while Genos’ fried food sample returns no results at the lab.

after ~ Saitama offers Genos a key to his apartment, the two separation up come take benefit of a sale for warm pot supplies. However, follow me the way, Genos loser the crucial while helping a please pedestrian who happens to be a high-ranking member of the Typhoon Family. This then leads to C-Class criminal Don Pacino trying to strike a deal with Genos so regarding get details on the Typhoon family member, because that which he"ll trade Saitama"s apartment key. Genos speak the story that receiving Saitama"s an essential to Pacino, and also they ultimately realize there"s to be a misunderstanding. The 2 fight, and also Genos frees the recorded man.

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"The Ninja who Is too Complicated"

after his humiliating loss at the hand of Saitama, speed O’ Sound Sonic retreats to a forest to train for your next battle alongside a hunter, that is seeking revenge against the bear the wounded him. If training and taking advice indigenous the hunter, Sonic develops a how amazing bond with a boar he names Ino. Saitama at some point arrives and kills the bear, later serving it for warm pot.

"Bang, that Is as well Overbearing"

~ Saitama obliterates a meteor headed because that Earth, Bang monitor him and Genos under to assess their strength. The tries to recruitment the duo to his Water present Rock smashing Fist dojo by prove his martial art is superior. Bang win them conveniently in a series of contests and games, angering Saitama. However, Bang at some point admits Saitama is powerful, despite the hero refuses a location at the dojo in the end.

after ~ the attack by Deep Sea King and also his fishmen, Fubuki/Blizzard tries to cope with the news that their group’s initiatives in suppressing the hazard failed to do the paper. Genos and Fubuki finish up top top the very same train along with a young hero named Swim. They"re then struck by the Serial Bomber. Fubuki, Genos and Swim shot to thwart the Serial Bomber"s attack. Eventually, they"re aided through Tatsumaki/Terrible Tornado, Fubuki"s sister, who deals with the bomb without any type of casualties.

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"The Murder situation That Is as well Impossible"

during a hero retreat following the Dark matter Thieves invasion, boy Emperor investigates the sudden stabbing of Zombieman that happened the night before. The interrogates various heroes, consisting of Saitama, atomic Samurai and King, in his search for clues. It"s at some point revealed that, ~ Saitama told her she couldn"t drink since she looked prefer a child, Tatsumaki got very drunk and also wanted to test Zombieman"s immortality by stabbing him through Atomic Samurai"s sword.

Saitama wake up upon a team of pitiful villains in a publicly restroom. After ~ mistaking him for a fellow villain, they effort to take him down, virtually self-destructing in the process. Saitama end up conserving them, and they adjust their ways, longing to it is in respectable top-class heroes. Saitama then conserves them again indigenous an assault by dirt Earthworm. In ~ the end of the episode, Saitama decides come train them.

"Going Fishing through Middle-aged Men"

~ above a mellow fishing outing, Bang and also Atomic Samurai reminisce about the past and also what it supposed to be a true hero. However, they"re attacked by huge Salamander. Chain"n"toad and also Mumen Rider try and take it the monster down, yet Atomic Samurai is compelled to intervene so regarding save them. In the end, the two complain about the Hero Association’s commercialization and the bastardization the the significance of heroism.

an errant backhand from Saitama scrambles Genos’ memory, and also the last hero wakes up through Dissociative identity Disorder. That says and also does points in a an extremely un-Genos way, going therefore far regarding openly flirt through Fubuki and also insult Saitama. The mr of mountains attacks, and Genos kicks right into action, drawing the monster away from civilians. However, he"s forgotten exactly how to fight and also gets stomped. However after a jolt that electricity, Genos returns to normal, dispatching the monster easily.

"Game and Rivals"

In this OVA, Saitama and also Genos get involved in an virtual fighting competition for a game referred to as "Wild Animals," which has actually a cool prize of five million yen. Saitama is defeated in the first round by someone with a koala avatar. Garou and also Suiryu additionally compete in the tournament, encountering off in an epic fight that outcomes in the latter’s victory. In the finals, Suiryu takes on the same koala avatar that defeated Saitama. In the end, the koala -- which transforms out to be King -- defeats Suiryu.

during a fight with a monster in ~ Smelly Lid Prison, Puri-Puri prisoner accidentally damages the prison"s electric system, which enables several prisoners to escape. Puri-Puri Prisoner has a brief confrontation with speed O"Sound Sonic, to whom he provides a ar at Smelly Lid Prison. However, the rogue rejects the S-Class hero"s offer. Meanwhile, a monster named Urn Eel mirrors up in ~ the escapees" hideout. Puri-Puri sinner arrives and also fights Urn Eel, whom the prisoners cheer on. Mistaking their cheers as intended for him, Puri-Puri prisoner beats the monster and brings the escapees earlier to Smelly Lid Prison.

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Zombieman, Superalloy Darkshine, metal Bat and also Child Emperor are sent out to hunt a monster in ~ a snowy hill lodge. However, the they encounter meet Saitama, Genos, Flashy Flash and also Speed O’ Sound Sonic. Learning about his rival’s presence, speed O’ Sound Sonic tries to hunt Saitama down, however ends up caught by the heroes. He escapes, has actually a quick fight v Genos i m sorry stirs up sufficient dust to make Saitama sneeze, bring about an explosion and also power outage the knock the end Zombieman. In ~ first, son Emperor and the S-Class heroes think this should be the an outcome of the monster they"re hunting, though ultimately they number out the truth. However, they do end up finding and also defeating they were looking for, i beg your pardon is called Crazy Brown Bear.