Have you heard that OnceMoreWithLove? girlfriend probably know by currently that planner stickers are a vast thing on Etsy. Like, huge. It’s a rabbit hole of alternatives – and loads that artists have actually turned their planning obsession into a next hustle, or even a full time gig.

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I very first came throughout OnceMoreWithLove throughout a so late night Etsy find for ns don’t mental (stickers? stamps? stencils? a gift because that my mother-in-law?) and also was instantly smitten with the equally cute and also cheeky munchkin characters that the brand is known for. It turns out I’m no the just one: OnceMoreWithLove has fans everywhere who stimulate her sticker labels again and again (she’s the height seller that stickers!).


I met the pen behind the OnceMoreWithLove operation at PlannerCon in mountain Francisco this year, and also was soon amazed by Margaret’s sweet nature and creativity (you can read all about her below!). Us talked shop and agreed a collaboration was absolutely in order…

This month, you’ll discover Marg’s designs in our pro sticker packs. They are gorgeous through pretty rose gold foil, and loads of fun munchkins. If you’re not already in the club, subscribe before August 14th to get them!


Let’s chat through Marg native OnceMoreWithLove


Tell united state a small bit about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies? when did girlfriend launch OnceMoreWithLove?Hello sticker friends! i’m Margaret indigenous Vancouver, Canada. Ns am the illustrator and also owner that OnceMoreWithLove, an Etsy shop specializing in hand-drawn stickers. I opened up my shop in November 2015 as soon as my friend asked me to do some stickers for her personal use. I had such a an excellent time law it the it do me realize just how much passion was absent in my life. Prior to this, ns was lost in between career choices, jumping about from real estate, dentistry, and also visual effects. If they are all great opportunities, none made me feel the means I do around designing stickers. I determined to monitor my heart and see wherein my passion would certainly lead… Now, i wear PJs in ~ home, doodle, and send cuteness anywhere the world and I can not use looked ago since!

What’s the most fun thing about running OnceMoreWithLove?The best part of what I execute is see the joy and meaning that my job-related brings to others. It feels incredibly profitable to view my client express themselves through my designs and being able come say, “Ooh, I have actually a sticker because that that!”


What inspired your munchkin design?I have been drawing munchkins for plenty of years! rather of the typical stick figure, I provided to doodle munchkins to stand for people and also characters. Naturally, when I opened up my shop, lock were one of the first designs that pertained to mind and I to be so happy to know that so countless others adore lock as much as ns do!

What three points would you tell someone that is just beginning up an Etsy business?There is still a lot for me come learn, yet the three most important things i’ve taken away from to run my company so far is to it is in honest, it is in open, and believe in yourself.

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Transparency and openness comes hand in hand. When honesty is compelled to construct trust and also connections through the civilization who evaluate your creations, gift open allows you to accept constructive feedback and be all set for all types of opportunities. Most importantly, stay true come what you think in. Trust your gut since when you focus on what girlfriend value, rather in the world will watch the value in that together well. Believing in you yourself also method not giving up easily! producing takes time so nothing be discouraged if friend don’t view rewards immediately.


What’s an amazing idea you’ve had recently?I recently re-activated mine Shopify account! Shopify is one ecommerce communication so several exciting principles are running v my head. Perhaps a new subscription?!