While the Old Demon King in Dark Souls 3 is one intimidating boss to look upon, he"s not too an overwhelming to defeat if one knows around his weaknesses...

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old demon king boss and black knight with a sword.
Demons in the civilization of Dark Souls 3 are a race born indigenous the Old Chaos: a burning existence created when the Witch that Izalith sought come duplicate the an initial Flame. This perpetual fiery explosion likewise birthed the very first pyromancies v the Witch and her children, though countless demons innately recognize these fire spells as well.

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However, the demons space dying out, as deserve to be checked out from the tremendous variety of inhuman corpses in the Smouldering Lake. One of the last of his kind, as well as one the the mightiest, is the Old Demon King, who the player can encounter near where the colossal Carthus Sandworm can be found. Regardless of the old monarch"s burn intensity, he is not too challenging to take under if when goes into this fight with a plan.

Melee Strategy - use A black color Knight Weapon

black article greataxe, shield, glaive, and sword.
Renowned because that fighting demons while gift wielded by warrior in scorched armor, and that have been steeped in magma-like blood enough to deal a bonus that 20% damages to every true demons, the black color Knight weapons wielded by Gwyn, lord of Cinder"s elite forces, now scattered transparent the world, hold good potential because that helping the Ashen One snuff out the Old Demon King"s flames.

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any type of of these tools would be an excellent to usage not only for their bonus damages but also because this armaments possess better poise health and hyper armor than many others, permitting their wielder to take it on bigger, heavy-hitting foes in damage-trades. One should select the weapon ideal suited to their build: the greataxe and ultra greatsword for stamin builds and the glaive or the knife for Dexterity builds.

farron dart spell
One thing that every non-melee build will notification about the Old Demon King is that he has actually no dangerous ranged attacks. Every one of his medium and also long-distance pyromancies are fairly easy to dodge or block and also the huge pile the demon dead body in the boss arena provides for an excellent cover.

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Sorcerers will certainly have straightforward time, together they have many options, such as to pepper the fiery king through Farron Darts, blast the with great Heavy heart Arrows, or even launch the enormous laser of soul Stream (it can even go through the human body pile!) in ~ the aging demonic liege.

player posing through a bow in prior of a beige background.
Now knowing that the Old Demon King is lacking in great ranged attacks, players can use any type of sort of medium or long-range offense to take it him out. Of every the weapon-related tactics, utilizing a constant bow through dark arrows is the most efficient.

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Greatbows room a bit too slow, together the burning mr will repeatedly be closeup of the door in on the Ashen One, and also crossbows carry out not have any type of dark damage-dealing ammunition come take advantage of the elderly king"s one true element weakness. Constant Bows have fairly fast firing speed and access to the ideal kind that ammo for this fight, which renders it straightforward to decimate the Old Demon King"s wellness bar swiftly and safely.

invader in dark souls 3 producing a purple cloud of poison
regardless of being resistant to the poison and toxic standing ailments, the fiery demon lord is no immune to them and also can quiet be defeated with such tactics at an extremely low initiative levels because that the player. The large pile the dead demons renders this maneuver particularly simple to traction off.

for sorcerers, the weapon ability of the Storyteller"s employee unleashes a violet cloud the poisons the ceo after only a pair of casts. Pyromancers have to take advantage of both the toxicity Mist and also Toxic Mist spells to do a similar feat, however, store in mind the both poison and toxic deserve to be applied to the old demon, so players need to use both to swiftly kill the king. Consumables that have the right to be thrown, such together Poison Knives and Dung Pies, can additionally be of an excellent use here if one is to run low ~ above FP.

continual pyromancies would certainly be beside useless versus a being partly composed of fire, as such pyromancer builds who carry out not great to inflict poison or toxicity upon the elderly demon should focus on spells the deal various kinds the damage.

Dark pyromancies, such as black Fire Orb the deals dark damage, have the right to take an excellent advantage that the boss"s weakness, and also will permit the player to remain at fairly safe distances while casting. However, the physical damage-dealing pyromancy recognized as Boulder Heave is also effective while additionally being very satisfying, despite needing to gain closer to usage it.

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just like all other big and fairly slow bosses, the Old Demon King have the right to be cheesed pretty easily with Pestilent Mist, which unleashes a white haze the eats away at whatever is in ~ according to a percentage of their max health; an interpretation that foes with larger max HP stats take more damage.

To use this technique most efficiently, do not use the body-pile, as this will certainly sometimes cause one come walk into their very own Pestilent Mist cloud; never ever a good thing to do since it likewise hurts the caster. Instead, continue to be in the most open area and also cast the spell before running approximately the ceo in a circle so that he is practically constantly turning, lingering within the dank mist. Of all the methods to defeat this boss, this is the least sporting, however, it is the many effective.

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