COLUMBUS, Ohio — No. 9 Ohio State will try to recuperate from a stunning residence loss come Oregon once it master Tulsa top top Saturday. Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. Eastern.

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The Buckeyes had no consistent answer for Oregon’s run video game in your 35-28 loss on Saturday. The gold Hurricane dropped come 0-2 after coming up brief at Oklahoma State, 28-23.

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Read some of what Nathan Baird of wrote around how Ohio State players approached this mainly of practice adhering to the loss to Oregon.

Most Ohio State football players had never knowledgeable a mainly of practice like this — preceded by a loss and also teeming v doubt and also frustration.

Such a scenario had lingered as probably the critical unanswered inquiry of the beginning of Ryan Day’s tenure. How would his team answer the first time the tripped up and also had to rescue a damaged season? the answer will likely not truly come this Saturday against Tulsa, or next Saturday versus Akron.

“We haven’t had a better practice than this particular day all year offensively, I would say,” claimed junior recipient Garrett Wilson, one of the Buckeyes who competent his first regular-season loss. “They’re trying come learn new things on the protective side, so the comes through a discovering curve. However the energy and the fist to detail the last 2 days, i feel choose it there is no been like that because camp started.

“We knew we had some problems, yet whenever girlfriend lose, that magnifies them. For this reason there’s no room because that messing up at exercise anymore.”

The last time an Ohio State team suffered such a loss, on Oct. 20, 2018, at Purdue, it identified the season. One could argue, though, the the subsequent performances were equally come blame for denying OSU a playoff spot. A narrow house win end a 4-8 Nebraska team. An even narrow road win versus another shedding team, Maryland.

That team slap in the challenge came eight games in, as soon as it had actually less time to fix the damage. Time is the lone silver lining the the Oregon loss. A defense in change has time to recalibrate, and also individual players have time come improve.

“We’re hungry,” small left tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere said. “This is a discovering experience for a the majority of us due to the fact that it hasn’t taken place in a when here. Therefore coach (Ryan) Day take it it in stride and said that this is a learning opportunity for all of us — coaches, to players, anyone — for united state to discover what we did wrong and also how come improve and also fix the mistake that we made for this reason we deserve to have a much better team.”

Ohio State quiet belongs in a tiny subset that the sport which has established standards because that itself the are virtually impossible come meet. Together running back Miyan Williams put it, “We’re in ~ Ohio State — we’re not claimed to lose.”

Such standards currently demand a strong sense of urgency. Day speak of it frequently — the press to never fail, or even play well and lose. For this reason naturally, that urgency intensifies when the platform on which the program stood over almost all others is pulled out, dropping Ohio State come a new vantage point.

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