“Oh Heart” is a song by Tank and the Bangas on the album Think Tank. This song shows up in Patton’s playlist. A Spotify playlist make by thomas Sanders around his character… review More 

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I'm a bee.You're a treeon a moon cloudin the sea.We're islandsWe're doneWho am i kidding?you're the oneOh heart, five Heart, stop making a silly of me.(fool silly fool stupid fool silly of me)Maybe I'm a monkey in the a tree running with the hope and also possibilityThrowing pennies down the wishing wellHoping and wishingMale monkey just to look in ~ me.Look how easily i can climb a violet tree.Im gymnast, chemist, centric mathematician.You need to look in ~ me.Look at me!I'm great.I'm green.I'm gorgeous.I'm every thing that starts v a "G"I'm goofy.I'm gargantuan.I'm going to do you laugh again.Got one smile and also I'm gone.I live in a horn
Oh heart, oh Heart, prevent making a stupid of me.I'm every little thing that a flower isI arrangement to make about 30 kidsI acquired sink because that his and also hers and also hers because that his.One well whereby my noodle isI'm a Baby and I'm basicallyThe B girl who's to be bakingyour love in my stovehungry for your loveOh heart, five Heart, avoid making a fool of me.(fool stupid fool fool fool silly of me) sigh(fool fool fool fool fool fool of me)One job you have actually to show meHow you execute that thing when you disregard your heart.Oh, someday you'll need to teach me just how you perform that thing once you forget about the SunSunSunSun?I'm a bee.You're a treeon a moon cloudin the sea.
We're islands.We're done.Who am ns kidding?You're the one.Oh heart, oh Heart, stop making a stupid of me.Oh heart, five Heart, stop making a fool
“Oh Heart” is a song by Tank and also the Bangas ~ above the album Think Tank. This song appears in Patton’s playlist. A Spotify playlist do by thomas Sanders about his character, Patton, from his web series “Sanders Sides.”


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