Legendary writer John Steinbeck to be a literature mastermind. He wrote prolifically throughout the 20th century, and also his work and the themes he gift still resonate today. Of Mice and Men, his 1937 novella, walk what every brilliant piece of literary works are wont to do. It gives us characters and situations the make us think and also feel deeply. Together such, the work has actually been subject to both high praise and also a considerable amount of criticism. However it’s for sure to say that Of Mice and Men will proceed to be widely read, discussed, and appreciated. Because that a Steinbeck collector, the a must-have. Here, we’ve compiled several exciting editions and options for those spring to add Of Mice and Men to your shelves.

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For those looking to yes, really delve into collecting Steinbeck, we’d highly recommend theTetsumaro Hayashi bibliography or the Goldstone & Payne bibliography, i m sorry we offered as reference for what follows.

First Edition

The an initial edition of Of Mice and also Men is a logical place to start. Published in 1937 by Covici Friede publishing house in new York City, the an initial edition to be bound in the publisher’s beige cloth with a black and also terra cotta rubber stamp that contains the title and also author’s surname on the former cover and the spine. Just 2,500 duplicates were printed. An initial edition points include what shows up to be a bullet point between the number 8 and also 8 on page number 88 and also the indigenous “pendula” in ~ the finish of the sentence that reads, “...and only moved due to the fact that the heavy hands were pendula” at the bottom of web page 9. This little bit was removed in later printings due to its disjointed nature. Together a result, the entirety page was reconfigured. Therefore be certain to take it a close look at page 9 to verify a true an initial edition.

Likewise, the first edition dust jacket list the initial price of the book, $2.00, ~ above the front flap. The dust jacket list the location in marine blue in the head of photo of one larger and also one smaller man in the middle of the page, flanked by trees. In ~ the bottom the the dust jacket, a notation reads, “a novel by john Steinbeck writer of ‘Tortilla Flat’”. The colors offered are orange, green, and also blue. Look because that these colors to be vibrant, there is no fading, if you’re payment a premium because that a an initial edition copy. In fact, relying on the book"s condition and that of the dust jacket, true Of Mice and also Men first editions can cost anywhere native $25,000 under to a couple thousand dollars. Other determinants that can impact price include whether or no the publication is signed or an combination copy. Duplicates with Steinbeck’s signature and/or an engraving are frequently sold because that a greater sum. Understand, too, that a 2nd printing that Of Mice and Men was perfect by Covici Friede in 1937, a mere 20 job after the very first issue. Again, checking web page 9 is a surefire method to know what edition/printing you’re handle with.

First brothers Edition

The very first British edition of Of Mice and Men was likewise published in 1937, in this instance by wilhelm Heinemann in London. A blue dust jacket with a photo was designed and also illustrated for this execution by Michael Rothenstein and also printed in black and also pink ink. The original has pink finish papers, as well. An intact dust coat adds enormous value to this collectible. For a truly notable copy, look because that dust jackets that also include a yellow, wrap-around band detailing that 137,000 copies of the publication were sold in the U.S. And also stating the different locations where translations had already appeared: France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The wrap-around additionally quotes James Agate native the Daily to express in reviewing the book: “I to be satisfied that Mr. Steinbeck’s story is just one of maximum power and pity, told with economy and also imbued v a deep feeling of beauty…”

Of course, one can be top top the lookout because that signed copies of the an initial U.K. Edition of this text. They will certainly pop increase in the marketplace ~ above occasion. Association copies additionally make fine enhancements to one’s collection. Together a book—with the yellow wrap about band—can cost close to $10,000. Other copies of the an initial British edition sans the band are much less expensive (typically a pair thousand dollars, or less), though still admirable collectibles.

“A pat in three Acts” Format

Steinbeck likewise used Of Mice and also Men as among his an initial attempts come dabble in playwriting. He composed a variation as such, and also the an initial edition was published by Covici Friede in 1937 as Of Mice and Men, A play in 3 Acts. Steinbeck’s goal for this publication was realized and the play—directed by George S. Kaufman and also starring Broderick Crawford as Lennie and also Wallace Ford as George—premiered top top Broadway start in November of 1937.

Copies of the beat are easily accessible for around $3,000 if in good or near fine problem with a like dust jacket. That bound in beige/oatmeal colored cloth. The spine the this publication is subject to toning. For much less well-kept copies of the book—beyond simply the predictable effects of aging and including rips to the dust coat or instances of significant sunning—a collector can pay simply under $1,000.

Collectors can likewise look for an initial edition translations the Of Mice and Men: A play in three Acts. For instance, the an initial Japanese edition was published by Ohshisha in 1993. Bound in the publishers cloth, this sort of very first edition copy is an extremely scarce, specifically if friend can obtain your hands on an combination copy or one with an inscription from either of the editors, Kiyoshi Nakayama and Hiromasa Takamura. Such a publication costs roughly $500.

Centennial Boxed Set

For a more modest budget, we’d highly recommend the Steinbeck Centennial Boxed Set. In 2002, the 100th anniversary the the legendary author’s bear year, Penguin published a arsenal on Steinbeck’s greatest works. The set includes The Grapes the Wrath, of Mice and Men, east of Eden, The Pearl, Cannery Row, and Travels with Charley: looking for America. The works room all the deluxe profession paperback editions with French flaps, and the collection costs right approximately $100. Penguin, together with the Steinbeck structure and the great Books foundation put on numerous events in 2002. Ephemera from any type of of those outings would also be unique additions to one’s collection.

Scripts and also Ephemera indigenous Adapations

For a collector interested in movie-tie ins, Of Mice and Men offers plenty of options. Not just was the publication made into a play and performed virtually immediately ~ above publication, yet several other adaptations have adhered to including the 1939 Oscar nominated film starring Lon Chaney Jr. As Lennie and Burgess Meredith together George. An additional film to be made in 1992. This theatrical film to be directed through Gary Sinese who also played George. John Malkovich was actors as Lennie. Anything pertained to these cinematic productions—or various other Of Mice and Men performances—would to the right nicely into an Of Mice and Men collection.

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Valuable collectibles can likewise come in the type of radio scripts, an especially the script supplied by The Theatre Guild for its 1949 performance. This script was adapted from Steinbeck’s story through Robert Anderson. The pat was broadcast on-air on may 8, 1949 and very few copies that the script, printed on its original Theatre Guild “on air” paper, exist. True copies can cost between $2,000-$4,000. A more recent BBC radio transfer aired in on in march 7, 2010.