Odell Beckham Jr. Has actually scored plenty of touchdowns throughout his brief career. Here’s whereby all 37 that his TD celebrations rank.

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What have the right to you say around Odell Beckham Jr. The hasn’t currently been said thousands of times? In fact, talking around Odell Beckham Jr. At every feels redundant at this point.

I currently deem it suitable to take the moment to location every solitary OBJ touchdown celebration. I mean, the dude’s score 37 in his career, and nearly every one has been complied with with a cool little dance.

Of course, ranking Beckham’s celebrations will certainly be choose ranking episodes of “The Office.” There will be some bad ones, but for the many part, they’re all great.

I honestly meant there to be at least one dud in Beckham’s batch of celebrations. Nope, that’s no the case with Beckham being insanely creative. I’m happy I acquired to rank all of these, since now ns can ultimately use every one of the gifs I have actually saved in the folder labeling “Odell” ~ above my desktop for good.

And because OBJ is bound come score an ext touchdowns in his already-rich career, I’ll it is in updating this list together the dances and gyrations come in.

#37 Nothing

Against the Dolphins last year, Beckham score a touchdown after ~ toe-dragging in the finish zone. However, the officials originally ruled that an incomplete pass. Because of that, OBJ no really have a celebration to speak of. It to be a bummer, like getting a turtleneck for her birthday.

#36 The out of Ideas


To it is in fair, this celebration occurred after Beckham’s 3rd touchdown of the game. Because of that, Beckham more than likely ran the end of creative end-zone celebrations.

#35 The backward Walk

I think through default this one has to be among the worst solemn event Beckham’s done. All he does is go backward and then hurl the ball at the play clock. An extremely unoriginal in comparison to his other celebrations. In Beckham’s defense, he got pissed turn off this game after he assumed he to be interfered with. So he probably wished he to be throwing the round at Malcolm Jenkins’ dome piece instead of the beat clock.

#34 The Handicap Bathroom

Just so everyone knows, this is the means I walk out of a handicap toilet stall. Arms the end in the air, acting like I very own the fucking place.

A huge part that me think Beckham would’ve had actually a great celebration, yet he to be honestly surprised that made that fucking remarkable catch. So rather of something elaborate, OBJ simply organized his eight out together if to ask the volume MetLife crowd “are you no entertained?”

#33 The Whip

Just a whip here. Nothing more, nothing less. This is for this reason sad watching Beckham, who is as creative as Meghan Trainor is irritating, surrender come a basic whip. This would’ve been so much better if Beckham choose to do the whip on the star in the middle of the helmet. A huge missed possibility here.

#32 The Cristiano Ronaldo

For Giants fans that either A) weren’t mindful of Cristiano Ronaldo or B) weren’t aware of Miami’s Jarvis Landry, this celebration most likely seemed a lot of cooler. Yet for the rest of us, this was unimaginative. Yes, it to be a cool ode come both Ronaldo and also Beckham’s BFF Landry, but Beckham’s better than this.

To be honest, i was fucking terrified OBJ would certainly pull a Lamarr Houston and also blow the end his ACL during this leaping celebration. If that were come happen, the web would most likely shut down since of an flow of memes and crying Jordan faces.

#31 The Debut the The Whip

This celebration holds meaning because, well, it was Beckham’s first. Come be fully honest, I had actually no idea what this run was as soon as I observed it. I certainly didn’t think it would certainly stick, yet that obviously no the case.

#30 The “Nothing”

The reason this celebration’s surname warrants quotation point out is because OBJ go the smart move by law nothing. ~ above his vault touchdown, the public official flagged Beckham for an excessive celebration. So by act nothing — shaking his head ‘no’ in the procedure — Beckham actually crafted a clever celebration.

#29 The Whirly Whip

Really nothing special here. If you’ve viewed one Beckham whip, you’ve viewed ’em all. The does a small whirlybird action before hitting the whip though. Larry Donnell additionally comes to celebrate. Ns wonder what he stated to Beckham…

“Yeah, cool TD and everything, but next time shot to execute a prior flip because that no fucking reason. To trust me.”

#28 The full Bladder

This was Beckham’s very first touchdown against the Saints. The course, the went on come score two more that game. I’m certain he knew the would find the finish zone at least once more, so he didn’t do his finest dance. The looks like he has to take a piss, but the heat is also long and people space spending way too lot time in the bathroom.

#27 The prick Whip

What you have actually here is simply a classic Beckham whip. Except instead of act his common shtick, Beckham incorporates his wiener to add that extra “umph” factor.

#26 The lengthy Jump

This play finished the big-play drought Beckham endured during the an initial juncture that the 2016 season. However, the long jump solemn event ins’t that special. Buffalo’s Marquise Goodwin go the exact same celebration earlier in the year. In spite of that, Beckham deserves extra worship for dead-ass telling Eric Weddle “peace.”

#25 The excessive Celebration

Pretty ballsy relocate for OBJ come spin the ball best in front of the defender who he beat for the touchdown. And also then, as was commonplace during the 2014 season, Beckham damaged out the whip. And also for you curmudgeons that think Beckham gets flagged for every touchdown celebration, he’s only been flagged three times, this being among them.

#24 The Camp Fire

This one is probably higher than it need to be, yet let me explain. Ns attended this game, and also I made the bone-headed decision to just wear a sweatshirt under mine jersey — a Jon Beason jersey, I may add. It to be so fucking cold that day, therefore watching Beckham turn the ball and also light a fire do me a small bit warmer, also all the way up native the nosebleeds.

#23 The steel Whip

Another whip, another TD because that OBJ. Except this time that throws the Antonio Brown gyration on top of it.

Extra points for J.D. Walton trying to join in top top the whip, but realizing just how painfully white the is. That looks choose he’s fist-fighting a ghost or part shit.

#22 The White shoes Whip

The whip? Meh. The tribute come Billy “White Shoes” Johnson? pretty cool if girlfriend ask me. Johnson was among the an initial dudes to come up v a signature celebration, and also he was also one of the an initial true entertainers in ~ the broad receiver position. Due to the fact that of that, it to be cool to watch OBJ salary tribute, so to speak.

#21 The silence of the Fans

People external of brand-new York normally hate Odell Beckham Jr., right? naught pisses turn off opposing much more than a bleached-blonde mother fucker scoring touchdowns and also making plays. So when OBJ scored against the Eagles, and also silenced the crowd through one finger.

But of COURSE Ereck flower comes in, showing an ext hustle than he’s ever shown on an yes, really play, and blows up Beckham’s set.

#20 The Wiener Display

This was Beckham’s 32nd touchdown, and also he punctuated his score by gyrating his reproductive body organ to the Browns (this video game was actually much more filled v Giants fans) in the former row.

#19 The Fist

Amid the controversy surrounding our nation, Beckham opted for a straightforward display here. And if you think he to be mocking Malcolm Jenkins, you’re just wrong.

#18 The Friends

“You get a celebration! You obtain a celebration! you all gain a celebration!” — Odell, probably.

For those who contact OBJ a “me-first” player, here’s him opting to forgo a solitary celebration and instead celebrate v his boys Sterling Shepard and Victor Cruz.

#17 The Hart-Attack

I really don’t recognize what this solemn event is called. However I number it’s composed down somewhere the if you make a left-handed touchdown catch, girlfriend must follow that up v this karate-chop celebration.

This dance would be for this reason much greater if Bobby Hart no come in favor an 18-wheeler and also fuck every little thing up. Seriously, you have the right to actually check out OBJ locate Hart and also realize he has actually to complete his dance prior to that big dummy damages things.

#16 simply Beat It

SPOILER: This is no the critical time you’ll check out a Michael Jackson celebration event on this list.

#15 The net Hug

What a fucking genius. After weeks of gift bashed by trolls on social media, Beckham turn the various other cheek and hugged the network that when struck him. Of course, as shortly as OBJ made the his joke and owned it, the rest of social media suddenly got sick that the net joke.

Also, this would’ve been remembered an ext fondly if the Giants winner the game and didn’t look prefer chicken shit ~ above offense.

#14 The Gronk Spike

If friend made a list of points Beckham’s an excellent at, throw shade would be one of them. The infamously dabbed excessively versus the Panthers in 2015. But weeks prior to that, he hit the Patriots v a taste of their very own medicine, breaking out a “Gronk Spike,” of course made famous by the 69-loving brand-new England chop end.

#13 struggle Dem Folks

I think anyone in attendance in ~ MetLife Stadium intended to view the whip. Instead, Beckham broke out a brand-new celebration, implementing the struggle Dem Folks.

#12 The ray Lewis

I don’t know what’s better: The long touchdown or the tribute to beam Lewis. This was, the course, once Lewis to be still a member the the ESPN crew. Ns think mine favorite component about this run is the reality that he in reality does the with more grace and also swagger 보다 Lewis did throughout his playing days.

#11 The Hart-Attack component Two

Maybe Odell owes Bobby Hart money. Maybe he ate all of his Fruit by the Foots. Who knows why Hart loves decking OBJ during his touchdown dances? the the weirdest shit, choose Hart’s almost envious the he doesn’t acquire to dance. I dunno what this dance is, yet it’s yes, really cool until Bobby the huge goof interrupts.

#10 that Let the dog Out?

Did friend hear about this one? i can’t remember if I saw it in the news or noþeles …

#9 The ‘X’ Whip

Hindsight, maybe he shouldn’t have actually done it, since there to be nothing worse than watching Dez execute the whip during the game’s pivotal moments under the stretch.

#8 The Blend

I think this solemn event encapsulates how creative and functional Beckham have the right to be as soon as dancing in the finish zone. He starts v some hand movements, however then he goes between his legs choose Kyrie Irving, prior to finishing off with a small Victor Cruz salsa. I’m pretty sure he pains his hamstring act this one, but who cares?

#7 The LeBron

This celebration is higher than it should be due to the fact that your boy dubbed it a work in advance.

That’s right, your boy’s a contemporary Nostradamus. Beckham actually broke this celebration the end on a punt-return TD that was nullified due to the fact that of a stop call. What provides this crazy is the reality that OBJ, that is boys with LeBron James, certainly wanted to lug this solemn event out, but he didn’t execute it ~ above his an initial score. That provides me think he have the right to score in ~ will, in stimulate to satisfy his TD-celebration needs.

But because that real, law King James’ solemn event in Cleveland? Cold-blooded, man.

#6 Hitting the hurdles

Beckham payment tribute come his hurdler mom with this celebration, i beg your pardon is awesome. Ns told my mom, who has actually her master’s level in math, if ns scored a touchdown in the NFL, I would pay tribute to her by pretending to do math problems. Basically as cool as OBJ’s celebration.

#5 ’Cause This is Thriller

This celebration has a special location in mine heart. I was in a “do the dance” contest — nothing ask me why. Please — and also “Thriller” come on. I knew I had seen someone carry out the run recently, and then i remembered OBJ supplied it together a celebration. Needless come say, my team won the round.

Against the Bengals, OBJ whipped the end the great ole’ “whirlybird” route, which brought about his 31st career TD. After scoring six, OBJ carried out the “Thriller” dance, payment tribute to MJ. The best part of this celebration event is Pacman Jones complaining literally right behind OBJ.

Child, please.

#4 Proposing come the net

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Just taking your helmet off? That’s not a an excellent celebration! and you’re right, the not. So as soon as OBJ score this go-ahead touchdown versus the Ravens, ns was a bit disappointed. Ns mean, this is a dude who has an ext creativity 보다 Jabba the Hutt has lipids in his body after all.

But oh, man. Proposing to the network was fucking ingenious and I’m so happy I saw that. Hopefully that industry the end of the net shtick, though.

#3 The Michael Jackson Moonwalk

To important understand and appreciate this celebration, it’s command to recognize just just how fucking challenging it is to moonwalk in cleats. Like, that’s Dancing with the Stars level shit.

#2 The Michael Jackson

Odell absolutely practices Michael Jackson dances in his spare time, right? Like, i think that’s a fair point to say at this point.

*Text message*

Sterling Shepard: Yo, O. You wanna chill?

Odell Beckham Jr.: Nah, man. I’m as well busy *turns top top “Man in the Mirror”*

If no for the absolute boss-level of the following celebration, this would conveniently be the optimal on this list. You could make an discussion that this is like, a top-five celebration of all the times. What a relocate by Beckham to pay homage come the late, an excellent King that Pop.

#1 The A.I. Step-over

Best celebration event of all-time. Period. Finish of discussion.

Nothing OBJ go will ever before come close to topping this phenomenal celebration. Complying with the Beckham-Norman fight, there to be no far better celebration 보다 the signature Allen Iverson step-over. Once this happened, ns was for this reason fucking hyped. The balls the Beckham to step over Norman — as Norman complains come the ref — like a dead fish impresses me to this day.

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Written by

Ryan Disdier

Writing stuff. Previously writing stuff for the DC Defenders, Washington Wizards and (sometimes) Philadelphia 76ers.