As the Giants all set to sail into the offseason complying with their wild-card loss come the Packers, Odell Beckham Jr. apparently fired a salvo in ~ a locker-room wall.

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After his postgame media session Sunday, Beckham supposedly started banging his head versus a door and also punched a hole in a wall in the Lambeau ar locker room hallway. 

Odell Beckham was banging head versus locker room door, every Sal Pal. Likewise believed to have punched this hole in pic.twitter.com/dOpRJyremD

— Jordan Raanan (

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No one saw Odell Beckham Jr. Beat wall

ESPN reported NFL security is investigate the matter. The Giants are aware of the incident yet are choosing not come comment, according to the report. 

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The new York article reported no one witnessed Beckham punch the wall, but a Lambeau grounds crew member in an adjacent area said he heard a punch being delivered. The employee stated he walk to see what was going on. He come upon Beckham, who was standing near the feet in the wall. A 2nd employee, follow to the Post, said Beckham to patience down, to which Beckham replied, "F— off." Beckham climate walked into the Giants" locker room, according to the Post"s source.

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Beckham, a noted hot head, was filmed growling to himself in the locker-room area following a Thursday night loss come the Eagles in December.

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Sunday vs. The Packers, Beckham was organized to simply four catches for a full of 28 yards.

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Maybe among OBJ"s new Year"s resolutions should have actually been to regulate his emotions a little better.

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