Dancing like nobody is watching with an additional man so late last year and divulging that he moved into Drake\"s crib this previous spring already collection social media ablaze v questions about the New York Giants star broad receiver.

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Well, this recent Instagram clip is only adding to those inquiries.

In clip released end the weekend, Beckham sings Marvin Gaye\"s \"Sexual Healing\" in a hot bath tub while his Giants teammate Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie emerges native water.

Take a look.

While the footage was more than likely taken at the Giants exercise facility and was nothing much more than a joke, that didn\"t avoid the web from saying that Beckham is one of two people trolling or trying to tell united state something about his sexuality.

Odell Beckham just needs to go ahead and also make it official so he have the right to tap into that happy market and also start gettin the gay paper

— Cavs 2016 NBA Champs (

Wow. That\"s jumping come conclusions.

Is Odell simply trolling his internet trolls at this suggest or is that simply having actually fun and social media is taking it whereby they desire to?

We\"ll view if any type of footage favor this surfaces throughout the 2016 NFL season, one in i m sorry Beckham will look to prove the he\"s the best wideout in football.

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