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----------------------------------------Feelings room running high in this series' finale. Honestly, ns did find the first half the the episode to be funny.Momoko and also Niina had actually a small moment with each other that I believed was noticable. In the meantime, we additionally got Hitoha and sensei conversing about their current moments. We acquired a lot of assorted feelings from the female actors in this epsiode. Was never a fan of Izumi in this display though.

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This display was yes, really promising in the beginning. I think that Niina produced unnecessary drama, there, the display went downhill a little if u ask me. Anyway, that a great show. 6/10 because that the anime.

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So this is it ? This was that people shattering event that manga readers were mumbling about ? Disappointed in them as usually.Anyway the show started good, dont know what rather to to speak really. In its mid it was good, and also it ended good so. The just thing i dont like is .. I hoped this would be a full adapation, fine guess it aint. This was like a heavy 7/10 present from the really beginning .. But after that ending ? After that time skip ? fucking 8/10. Sonezaki as a college stundent, Juujo through happy household still in call with Sonezaki, even the crazy lesbo finally not mad in ~ everything. And also sensei is getting married too great. Man ideal ending i might wish for.
- the trouble with modern fandom,is the it's do of emotionally undeveloped adultswhos knowledge capabilities space that of kids -
Well this was remarkable till the cultural festival yet went downhill after ~ that. Specially Sugawara and that lolicon produced a really dusgusting mess. Izumi also kinda made a chaos of thngs there.But lock wrapped it increase pretty nicely through this finale. Glad for Jujo , she has actually a happy family and likewise nice Sonezaki looks an excellent as a college student.Btw can any type of manga reader tell me if this remained in the manga or the anime gave it an initial end?
MegamiRem said:Btw can any type of manga leader tell me if this remained in the manga or the anime provided it an initial end?
- the problem with modern fandom,is that it's made of emotionally undeveloped adultswhos understanding capabilities space that of youngsters -
That to be a good finale.Izumi is for this reason messed up, how deserve to he Sugawara the he is sexually attractive to her. Though the scene was funny come watch.That timeskip was nice. Seeing everyone relocating forward. I need to say Sonezaki go look great as a college student.Overall, a really great show. That has been among the couple of shows the I've to be looking forward to city hall every week. 8/10
. I'm walk to miss listening come the OP.
Do every the shit acquire solved ? i actually 3 illustration late. Don't mind spoiler. Someone be kind and also anwser this pleaseAlso, for who wonder about the manga, the last raw i see is in ~ the thing train dude involved school once the society kidnap the teacher. And also the writer write both anime and also manga. That as much as her even if it is she rewrite it different or not. However this is canon since creator write it
I still don't obtain how this show constructed drama for 10 episodes and also switched come bright colours because that the finishing to repaint everyone a an excellent outcome. Confused/10.
Man, come think ns was actually going to give this show a 10/10 going into episode 11.What the really hell? The last 2 episodes were just super, super disappointing and this "happy ending" doesn't fit any kind of of the themes that the display at all. Super fucking random and out the nowhere. Just how in the people does conflict get addressed this easily? that doesn't, nothing about this is okay! This in reality sucks. Lock dropped the sphere big-time v this one! very unsatisfying...

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A very appreciable show, through a solid initial thematic which progressively left place for a real drama/romance show. Most personalities were interesting, their advancements and the farming of their relationships captivated my attention for 12 weeks.In the end, the environment became an ext mature, everyone now's maybe to move forward after having learnt essential things around life itself, and also themselves together well. However, this is not the really brighty shining ending, let's remember the one girl loves someone she'll never acquire while the various other loves the very first one : a sort of impossible circle of love has actually been drawn.Still, I uncovered the conclusion really satisfying and I somehow have actually a feeling of "no regrets", as if I had been a character from this show.
I thought the ending was going to be rubbish thanks to the repetitive warnings in development from the manga readers however this to be a nice solid finishing instead, hey! native the start of the show, the personalities never seemed to it is in on the same page and also it just kept gaining worse by the episode yet I feel as though they’ve slightly get rid of that obstacle now. For one thing, they’re mindful of each other’s ‘sins’ now so that’s certainly a development of sorts.To be frankly ethical though, I assumed the show was heading down right into a cluster-mess during the halfway suggest with all the eventful chaos though and also the outpouring the emotions and also confessions didn’t help the cause either but I was automatically impressed throughout the final moments of just how it every wrapped increase in together a smart way. It’s difficult to to buy into every one of that if I’m to it is in brutally honest however, however I intend that’s simply a trademark for this collection anyhow lol. Because that a while there, I assumed Izumi to be a goner though xD. At least he’s finally regulated to ‘connect’ to Kazusa however the emotional scenes in between Sonezaki-senpai and her boyfriend conveniently takes the cake because that me! Dang, the final display of the institution though... And then some glorious timeskip shots to seal the deal! Sonezaki-senpai in college looks good and it’s an extremely heartwarming to recognize that she’s quiet in contact with Jujo, what a great family the was on an additional note! Meanwhile, the others, together in the trio, are finally ago in sync and also that’s good to see! Looks choose Kazusa and Izumi have overcome that small ‘embarrassing’ hurdle now too, an excellent to see. Yamagishi-sensei and also Tomita-sensei getting married, ~ above the various other hand, certain surprised me. Didn’t think he’d confess come her, of food that’s assuming he take it the offensive duty that is i beg your pardon I’m pretty confident is how it play out, Overall, this show has been a quirky ride to say the least. Storyline was nothing out of the ordinary but the personalities here were yes, really unique and as a result pretty funny to store up through too. Savage in ways too (special cite to Hongo-senpai), good lord lol. As for Production-wise, the Sound Department to be fab and the Art/Animation really suiting many importantly and good too nonetheless. Chico with HoneyWorks constantly delivers so no require for an ext on that however the VA that this display imo was rather brilliant too, really managed to offer out a lot an ext of the characters or something follow me those lines. At very first I was a tiny sceptical regarding Hongo-senpai’s choice, yet the comedic moments together a result of the stern voice were absolutely gold and also grew top top me by the episode. It had actually its ups and also downs through the most notable being episodes 3-6 and this finale illustration being at the top and much the the latter fifty percent being a tiny down the sorts, yet in the finish it gets a heavy ‘good’ from me. 7.25/10, v the +0.50 native this illustration alone!Edit: