Newly-crowned women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate looks to cement her heritage at UFC 200 against Brazilian finisher Amanda Nunes. Here room the highlights native Miesha’s very first defence of her new title. Nunes the hard-hitting fighter indigenous Brazil has been top top a tear. With the UFC gold firmly in she sights. Can Tate organize on to a belt which has actually already adjusted hands twice? complying with the previous Champion Ronda Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm.Before finally ending up in ~ Xtreme Couture in the hand of Miesha Tate, following her submission victory the Holm. Where she put the Champion to sleep via rear-naked choke. Now, Tate deals with Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes together she watch to defend her title for the very an initial time in ~ UFC 200.

Tate vs Nunes round One

Nunes began the fight solid coming in ~ the champion and landing some stiff directly punches. Advertise the champion ago Nunes continued to force the fight, make Nunes miss out on on numerous occasions. I beg your pardon would eventually lead come the hit hitting the ground. Yet Nunes to be quickly back up and also landed one more still jab the buckled the champion.Ñunes ongoing to walk forward landing one more hard left hand, quickly followed by a appropriate that ache Tate. Now with a bloodied face, Tate started to retreat as Amanda continued to pour on the punishment. Consistently landing stinging shots Tates confront was currently bleeding profusely, she tries in vain come fight back.A flurry that punches sends the champion come the canvas, whereby the challenger continues her attack. Currently on the ago of Tate Amanda battles to sink in her hooks, yet still lands some tough punches. It’s sufficient to break Miesha’s defence enabling Nunes to sink in her hooks and also her choke. Forcing the champion come tap out in the exact same submission in i m sorry she first won the title.A super dominant performance indigenous Nunes who never really looked in trouble. And also who walking forward together the champion will be a pressure to be reckoned with at 135 lbs. Let’s take it a close look just how the struggle played out on the night, special the ideal highlights indigenous the bantamweight championship bout.T:

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