Nearly 60 years have actually passed due to the fact that a Boston college football player last put a cleated foot top top the sacred turf the Fenway Park, so when the Eagles return to America’s oldest significant league ballpark because that a game versus Notre Dame on the evening of Nov. 21, it’s going to be a huge deal.

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And it’s not even going to it is in’s house game. The challenge will be part of Notre Dame’s “Shamrock Series” the has lugged a Fighting ireland home video game into major market sports facilities approximately the nation each year because 2009.That means that only 5,000 that the 37,673 seat in Fenway will be allocated come fans, v the rest sold through the gold Domers. As any economics college student at either college knows, the old ascendancy of supply and demand controls ticket availability.


“This is just one of the highest possible need games that us have ever before had,” note Assistant Athletics Director because that Ticket Sales Jim O’Neill. “When you take it in the reality that the Notre Dame and also is play them in our city; when you take it in the fact that over there are only 37,000 seats; and when you take in the fact that it’s at Fenway Park, i beg your pardon is a distinct experience in itself, it’s been a highly-demanded ticket.“Everything is gone.”O’Neill predicts that Fenway will provide “a good environment” because that the game, i m sorry starts in ~ 7:30 p.m. “There will be a the majority of excitement and with the good year the Notre Dame is having, this is the kind of game that could really make a season because that us.”A look at at some Fenway and Notre Dame-related lore in football history:The 102nd GameThe Boston college football team once joined the Boston Red Sox as a element tenant at Fenway. The Eagles play at the Olde Towne Ballpark because that the an initial time in 1914 once Fenway was simply two years old and team owner were seeking additional revenue. beat Norwich 28-6 and also Catholic college 14-0 in the first two college games at the park. End the ensuing 42 years, play 101 games on Lansdowne Street – win 75 the them, losing 21 and five finishing in tie scores.The Eagles’ critical appearance in ~ Fenway was a 7-0 ns to previous arch-rival divine Cross ~ above Dec. 1, 1956. The late-game winning touchdown collection off a little riot as celebrating Crusader pan tore down the steel goalposts, set fires come bales that hay neighboring the playing field and also wreaked basic havoc in the stadium.Farewell to FenwayMidway through the 1956 season, Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey said Boston college officials that the football team to be tearing increase Fenway’s turf and also college football would certainly no longer be permitted. Athletics Director man P. Curley quote “Tom Yawkey’s intentions to reseed the park after ~ the 1957 baseball season. In that event there will certainly no much more football games at the park. The is evidently Mr. Yawkey’s intentionally to have one that the best-looking ballparks in the league.” public official mulled dropping varsity football once Fenway to be yanked away. The expense of enlarging the old Alumni ar (located at the existing site of Stokes hall on center Campus) was thought about prohibitive.Instead, alumni banded together to launch a lightning-like breakthrough drive to raise $350,000 to construct a new, 26,000-seat football basic on the current site the Alumni stadium – a campaign that saved the sport of football at Boston College.The brand-new Alumni stadium was all set for the start of the 1957 football season on Sept. 21.

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Lay of the LandWhen pan arrive in ~ Fenway because that the Dame game, they will view that the football field runs counter to the traditional north-to-south direction, stretching east to west native the home plate area to the right field wall.Because of the low box seats top top the first base next of the field, both groups will re-publishing a sideline in prior of the left-field “Green Monster” wall. Fashion StatementBoth Boston College and Notre Dame will have special uniforms offered by UnderArmour for the game: the Irish will wear green uniforms equivalent the famed paint hue the the old park; Boston College will certainly dress in throwback uniforms from the 1984 cotton Bowl championship season, once Eagle quarterback Doug Flutie winner the Heisman Trophy together college football’s optimal player. (Flutie will certainly be in ~ the video game – together an tv analyst commenting on the video game for viewers at home.)Notre Dame has worn the environment-friendly football uniforms (in lieu of their traditional blue and also gold togs) just one ahead time versus Boston College: in 2002, once Notre Dame to be 8-0 and also was ranked No. 4 in the national polls once the Eagles visited southern Bend for a Nov. 2 game., bolstered by a massive defensive effort, upset the heavily-favored ireland by a 14-7 score, and also Notre Dame officials wisely put the eco-friendly uniforms in mothballs till this year game.On the RoadNotre Dame’s “Shamrock Series” has carried the ireland team to such venues as brand-new York’s Yankee stadium (vs. Army), the HoosierDome in Indianapolis (vs. Purdue), and also Soldier field in Chicago (vs. Miami).In addition to the game, the ND Alumni association sets up education seminars and social functions for alumni and friends of the school, as well as the brand-conscious “Notre Dame Bookstore Annex” that will sell every little thing from classic t-shirts and hats to Christmas decorations and other specialty item as part of the university’s consistent marketing effort.To the VictorThe winner of each Boston College–Notre Dame football video game gets to store the “Frank Leahy Award,” called in honor of the university Football hall of fame coach who directed the regime at both institutions (Boston college from 1939-40 and also Notre Dame indigenous 1941-53) and won multiple nationwide championships and also honors. The Leahy award is a punch-bowl size Waterford decision trophy the was originally sponsored through the Notre Dame Alumni club of Boston as soon as the teams met for the very first time in 1975.Since that an initial game the was play in Foxboro prior to a nationwide television audience, Notre Dame has won 13 the 22 games versus the Eagles.