—Has four years" worth of play time—including one season at best tackle before he relocated to the left because that the 2016 and 2017 seasons.

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—Good athlete who has experience pulling in space.

—Shows variability in his pass sets, which can counteract varied pass-rushers.

—Drives the end of combo blocks v intention and also can situate second-level defenders well.

—Encouraging performance at an elderly Bowl.


—Struggles to handle speed as a with blocker and also work laterally.

—Raw strength from defenders overwhelms him and stuns him early on in reps.

—Punch timing is inconsistent and creates spacing problems while he"s dealing with stunts follow me the protective line.

—Lazy to explode the end of his stance when getting into upright sets that pressure him to open early.

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—Shows inconsistent effort working under the heat of scrimmage, which damages edge runs.

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