Sara Steigerwald, a sixth-grade science teacher, found a painted rock in Alliance and incorporated the activity in an earth science lesson

NORTH CANTON  mar Husk brushed white paint on a absent the dimension of a balled-up fist.

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After it to be coated, the sixth-grade student delicately painted a pink ribbon. She claimed breast cancer awareness is important to her due to the fact that of a relative, who will memory one year of being cancer complimentary next month.

"I was thinking I was going to hide that in Price Park," rice bowl said.

About 325 sixth-graders at north Canton middle School took component Friday in a neighborhood rock-painting job that"s acquired national attention. The project, motivated by groups in Washington state and started in Northeast Ohio through a Lexington Township woman, entails painting rocks and hiding them for others to find.

Sara Steigerwald, a sixth-grade scientific research teacher, uncovered such a rock at Orange leaf Frozen Yogurt in Alliance. Students have been learning around the absent cycle and how to identify different types, so Steigerwald suggested she and also the various other two scientific research teachers, buy it Clouse and Anne Aston, finish the lesson v rock painting.

She likewise shared she plans top top Facebook v Northeast Ohio Rocks! members, one of whom offered teachers already painted rocks together examples. Steigerwald said she plan the lesson prior to the team was featured Tuesday on "CBS This Morning," which students later watched in class.  

"It"s sort of a phenomenon appropriate now," she said. "It"s sort of fun."

The idea, and task because that students, is come brighten others" job by hiding the rocks in places human being will find them. Steigerwald stated some students supplied rocks, and she and other volunteers affixed the Northeast Ohio Rocks! brand explaining the activity along with the school"s own #NCMSRocks hashtag.

Students were allowed to usage phones in class to share photos and also will usage the hashtag to uncover social media posts about their rocks.

Sabrina Estevez painted one pink through blue and purple polka dots. She uncovered a painted rock in Price Park before the class project and said she took pleasure in doing miscellaneous in course to make people smile.

"Little things deserve to make people happy choose that," Estevez said.

Mya fearbut sat beside her, including orange feet to her penguin. She stated the pet has been a longtime favorite, "and they"re super cute."

In Aston"s classroom, students" perfect rocks satellite on a windowsill. She lesson also included edible soil — a mix the pudding and wafers. She said students have actually been finding out the origin of the minerals and also natural sources in items such together their cell phones.

"We desire them to realize these room nonrenewable resources that are offered in everything," she said.

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Her students additionally enjoyed the painting lesson. Kosta Volas said many of the rocks to be "colorful and pretty creative."

"They"re very encouraging," that said. "I just can"t believe how much they connected the community."

Steigerwald stated the rocks will certainly be covered with a sealant and also sent residence today v students.