In this romantic comedy fantasy, a young woman named Evie meets an eccentric young male named Xavier. Evie is feeling glum about her life and also career, and also she\"s open up to the joie de vivre of the free-spirited Xavier. The difficulty is that Xavier thinks the people is walk to finish in a couple of months, and also Evie doesn\"t know whether or no to think that he to know what he\"s talk about. The series stars Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse and co-stars Sarayu Rao and also Jonathan Langdon. That debuted in early on October 2016 ~ above The CW network, and also its an initial season is scheduled to run seven episodes.

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Xavier discovers his asteroid research has actually been validated, which transforms everything. If an unknowing Evie takes a solo journey to think around her future, Timothy distracts himself with a different kind the trip, and the Cybermart corridor endures Deirdre\"s harsh new rules.

Upon learning the Cybermart Seattle branch is closing, Evie is identified to keep the corridor together.

Evie addresses her feelings because that Timothy and Xavier; Kareema renders a bold relocate in her relationship; and Deirdre expresses doubts around her future.
When Evie confronts Xavier around his past, Xavier realizes he must attend to his worries with his father. Evie uses the time away from Xavier to re-connect through Timothy, who\"s been influenced by her new seize the day mantra.
Evie looks for Timothy\"s assist after a hurtful an enig shatters Xavier\"s world. Meanwhile, Kareema provides support to her brothers after heartbreak and Hank finds he has competition because that Deirdre\"s affections.
Xavier gets a project at Cybermart come spend much more time with an overworked Evie, however ends up complicating she life once he rallies the warehouse employees into a strike. Meanwhile, Kareema decides to face her feelings around her an enig lover and also makes a bolder move.
Evie and Xavier can\"t seem come exchange those three tiny words to each other, while Hank and Deirdre attempt to store their connection a secret. Evie additionally decides to pursue her dream job and also goes to an excellent lengths to admire the CEO, i beg your pardon doesn\"t go together planned.
Xavier\"s unpaid debts record up to him, while Evie functions to make things right in between her parents. Kareema forges a surprising new connection and also Hank uncovers an interesting mystery about Deirdre.
Evie tries come reconcile with her former ideal friend Fern, while Xavier realizes he needs to tell Evie the truth about his feelings because that her.
When Evie meets Xavier’s polyamorous, free-spirited girlfriend Tuesday, she sets out to test her own personal boundaries. Meanwhile, things begin to warm up between Deirdre and Hank.
When Xavier\"s effort to publicize his apocalypse theory gets the in trouble through the law, Evie begins to wonder if her crazy fun brand-new boyfriend is actually just coo coo.

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In the series premiere, Evie is a risk-averse quality-control assessor who meets free-spirited Xavier, who believes humankind has a only eight months and twelve days till a runaway asteroid will ruin Earth. He encourages her come Carpe Diem.