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"Simple sort of Life" is a song written by Gwen Stefani because that No Doubt"s fourth album Return the Saturn (2000). The song contrasts Stefani"s desire to resolve down and start a household with she commitment come the band. That received confident reviews native music critics, who provided the song"s somber melody and also raw urbanbreathnyc.com. "Simple type of Life" was released as the album"s second single in June 2000 (see 2000 in music, additionally "New" is a single from a soundtrack). It came to be the most successful American single from Return the Saturn, however had tiny international success. The accompanying music video clip illustrates the song"s themes of marriage and also family.more »

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For a long time I was in loveNot only in love, i was obsessedWith a friendship that no one else could touchIt didn"t work out, I"m spanned in shellsAnd all I want was the simple thingsA straightforward kind that lifeAnd all I required was a an easy manSo I might be a wifeI"m therefore ashamed, I"ve been so meanI don"t know how it gained to this pointOoh, I always was the one through all the loveYou came along, I"m hunting you down, ohLike a sick domestic abuser searching for a fightOh, and also all I want was the basic thingsA basic kind that lifeOhIf us met morning for the very an initial timeWould the start all over again?Would I shot to do you mine?I constantly thought I"d it is in a momSometimes ns wish because that a mistakeThe longer that ns wait the an ext selfish that i getYou seem choose you"d it is in a great dadNow every those basic things are just too facility for my lifeHow"d I gain so faithful to my freedom?A selfish kind of lifeWhen every I ever before wanted was the an easy thingsA an easy kind the lifeA straightforward kind that lifeA straightforward kind the lifeA basic kind of lifeA simple kind of lifeA straightforward kind of lifeA simple kind the lifeA basic kind the lifeA straightforward kind the lifeA basic kind the lifeA simple kind that lifeA straightforward kind of lifeA basic kind that lifeA simple kind that life

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No Doubt No Doubt is one American rock tape from Anaheim, California, that developed in 1986. Due to the fact that 1989 the team has had vocalist Gwen Stefani, guitarist and also keyboardist Tom Dumont, bassist and keyboardist Tony Kanal, and also drummer Adrian Young.

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Because the mid-1990s in live performances they have actually been supported by trumpeter Stephen Bradley and also trombonist Gabrial McNair. An ext »