New Year’s night is when we come with each other to memory the pass of one year and also the ushering in of another. Over there are numerous ways you have the right to celebrate this holiday prefer watching the ball drop top top television, travel, or have actually friends and also family over. Another way you can celebrate is by walking out right into the community and also celebrating through others. Some noteworthy Tulsa brand-new Years eve 2016 tasks are worth checking out.

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Make the fight against sleep simpler by going the end for Tulsa brand-new Years night 2016 activities.


No NYE solemn event is finish without part festive elements. You can include some funny glasses, sparkles or bling, or possibly a festive hat is in order. If you like the more glammed up NYE celebration perhaps some new jewelry is the appropriate choice! You deserve to never go wrong with a fun brand-new Years gift because that your significant other!

Light up The Night | sky Loft

Adults end the age of 21 deserve to attend skies Loft come ring in the brand-new year. This party is aimed at young specialists in the area that not just want a night that fun however to do a difference as well. DJ Gus Majors will be playing through the year, drinks will certainly be available, and also there will be a confetti canon countdown with champagne toasts. Tickets variety from $40-$1000, and also a section of the proceeds will go to the TYPros Foundation. TYPros is an company that is committed to the regional economic breakthrough and make Tulsa a flourishing place for young, talented professionals.

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Race right into The brand-new Year 5K | Runners world Tulsa

Many people collection goals of obtaining into form for the brand-new year, Runners world asks, why not get started now? The 5K starts at 11:45 but before that you have the right to join the one-mile fun run at 11 pm. The whole event is a family oriented occasion that boasts party hats, noise-makers, music, entertainment and also champagne toasts because that adults. People can register now, or walk-in ~ above Friday, December 30th in ~ 10 am until Saturday in ~ 2 pm.


Photo Credit: Wagology

BarkHappy Tulsa Bark in The brand-new Year Party! | Wagology

Many civilization enjoy partying because that the brand-new year, but few people think around their pets. Wagology is thinking around your pets as well as you and your family. Tickets space $15, and the entire event benefits the Tulsa SPCA. Pup treats, goody bags, light drinks, discounts, and raffle ticket are had with entry come the event. If friend dress black tie or dress and also dress her pets, you gain an extra raffle ticket. The party is indigenous & pm till 8 pm at Wagology and also tickets room only available online in advance.

Old Hollywood Glam Prohibition layout | The alcohol Loft Bar

Enjoy one old Hollywood format glam and prohibition-style speakeasy. The party starts in ~ 8 pm and also goes until 2 am through tickets starting at $45 each. Over there is no dress password for the event. However, period attire is totally encouraged. The tickets will encompass entry, one signature cocktail, a glass that champagne for a toast, a buffet, live music, photo ops, midnight balloon drop, and cigars top top the patio. If you spring for the VIP tickets beginning at $90 you get whatever mentioned plus personal loft seating, gourmet buffet, private wine tasting, and also VIP goodie bags.