New York times bestselling authors Newt Gingrich and also William R. Forstchen conclude your inventive trilogy with this amazing answer come the an excellent \"what-if\" that the American polite War: could the South have won?After his an excellent victories in ~ Gettysburg and Union Mills, basic Robert E. Lee\"s effort to lug the battle to a final conclusion by attacking Washington, D.C., fails. However, in securing Washington, the remnants the the valiant Union military of the Potomac room trapped and also destroyed. Because that Lincoln, over there is just one hope left, that general Ulysses S. Give can conserve the Union cause. It is now August 22, 1863. Follow the Union troops approximately the banks of the Susquehanna, Lee is captured off balance when news arrives the Grant, in command of end seventy thousand men, has crossed that very same river. As basic Grant brings his army of the Susquehanna into Maryland, Robert E. Lee\"s army of north Virginia maneuvers for position. The two armies finally collide in main Maryland and a bloody weeklong fight ensues follow me the financial institutions of Monocacy Creek. This should be \"the final\" fight for both sides. In Never speak to Retreat, Newt Gingrich and also William R. Forstchen bring all of their now critically acclaimed talents to be affected by each other in what is destined to end up being an instant classic. \"With each publication in their ongoing alternate history cycle, Gingrich and also Forstchen have gone from toughness to strength as storytellers.... It has actually passages of actual depth and also poetry i m sorry elevate it above many other specimens the its strange subgenre.\" —-William Trotter, The Charlotte Observer

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NEWT GINGRICH, former speak of the House, bestselling author of Gettysburg and Pearl Harbor, the longest offer teacher that the Joint war Fighting course for significant Generals at Air University, and an honorary identified Visiting Scholar and also Professor at the nationwide Defense University. He stays in Virginia through his wife, Callista, v whom he hosts and also produces documentaries, including \"A City top top A Hill\". Dr. William R. Forstchen is the author of over thirty functions of historical fiction, science fiction, young adult works, and traditional historic research. He holds a Ph.D. With a field of expertise in military history from Purdue University.

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