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They both support a 50 amp breaker. Ns don"t see any type of reason not to use the 3 cable 6-50 rather than to run an extra wire (for new wiring) because that the 14-50. Or is there? come reiterate: 8 gauge copper wire is ok because that a 50 amp breaker. Third item: I require to discover an old 50amp 2 pole Sisco breaker for my panel. Any ideas?
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Run the extra wire!The 14-50 is more flexible 보다 the 6-50, first. The 14-50 is a conventional adapter that comes v the design 3. Yet the 14-50 has neutral, i beg your pardon can allow you to usage the exact same plug for various other functions. Friend can separation a 14-50 into two high existing 120V outlets through a simple adapter. The 6-50 will just be 240V.You just spent $60k+, don"t skimp on $20 because that a single wire.

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When I had actually buy model S delivered aver 5 years ago, Tesla recommended a 6-50 outlet in ready for because that HPWC i beg your pardon they had actually not shipped yet. They also included a 6-50 adapter with the car. This is what I mounted with 3 garage cable in ready for the future HPWC running v a 100A breaker. As soon as the HPWC ultimately arrived, the was just a matter of removing the 6-50 outlet and also wiring the HPWC directly.I haven"t opened my bag of connectors in the design 3, but I think it included a 14-50. Girlfriend would have to purchase a 6-50 adapter if you usage a 6-50 outlet. This is something come consider, especially since 14-50"s are typical in RV parks.But come answer your inquiry directly, I would say that through a 6-50 you conserve you a tiny bit of money if you have actually a lengthy cable run. You may need to usage 6 gauge wire for any 50A circuit in details situations and wire types. View this chart for amps vs. Cable size:
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Alex and also Ed, I"m convinced. 14-50 that is. My adapter for 14-50 has actually 30 amp in tiny print. Its quiet ok because that 50? I"m not sure what the temperature ratings refer to on amp dimension (60, 75 and 90 degrees). The looks favor I"d be safe using 8/3 THHN rated in ~ 55 amp because that 90 level centigrade. I check out NM-B rated at 40 amps. Am ns in hazard or is there a dispute here. Over there are lots of online service providers of 8/3, no so plenty of at 6/3. Additionally does it issue if the cable is solid or stranded. I know the auto cost $60k, but I gained here by being thrifty...the habit is hard to break.