Last year the story mode in NBA 2K16 that was written and also directed by Spike Lee lacked interactivity as the user was basically just a passenger observing a movie. Nearly everyone agreed the MyCareer acquired significantly better once that story actually finished following the rookie season. One fundamental adjust is gift made with the mode for 2K17 v that in mind.

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The focuses shifts back more to basketball fairly than handling unrelated personalities. The design template of the “dynamic duo” is current with the character of righteousness Young being the player alongside you. He’s played by Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Chronicle, Fruitvale Station) and also the story is written/directed by among the authors of Creed Aaron Covington. 

Player Creation

Before we gain into any type of of the main attribute details, we must start in ~ the start – Player Creation. We completely revamped the means you develop your player this year, because in NBA 2K17, it’s more important 보다 ever.

First off is the principle of archetypes. You’re no just selecting a place anymore. Now you likewise choose what form of a player you desire to be, and also this, in turn, dictates your beginning attributes, her ratings cap in every of ours 10 attribute categories (up from 6 in 2K16), to add which title you have the right to upgrade.

From choosing an archetype, you relocate on to plenty of of the usual creation decisions, choose height, weight, and also wingspan. The crucial to remember in 2K17 is the THESE points MATTER. Just how you shape yourself from the very beginning has a substantial impact ~ above what form of a player you will become. Throughout the creation process, we execute our finest to illustrate precisely what your miscellaneous physical transforms will carry out to her player’s attributes. Because that example, you can see right here when adjusting height, a taller point guard will lose a little bit in things like speed and shooting ability, yet gain in things favor dunking and also rebounding.

It’s all approximately you. Our key intention with this is to produce a more comprehensive variety the player species than ever before, each supplying a various style the gameplay and also a fully unique experience in the mode. Playing in the NBA together a Sharpshooting PG is completely different 보다 playing as a repaint Protecting C, and this hold true in NBA 2K17 in a large way. My favorite part about this is the amount of replayability the adds, not simply for the means the story unfolds roughly you, but in just how much extra it can offer girlfriend in related settings like MyPARK and 2K Pro-Am.

The Story

Speaking of the story, us might as well dig in. In NBA 2K16, we took a rather various approach. Spike Lee’s Livin’ Da Dream rigid was really linear, focused virtually exclusively top top the off-the-court trials and also tribulations that a young, up-and-coming NBA star. This year, we want to bring the emphasis ago on the court to the video game of basketball, and also with a much much more dynamic and also interactive story element.

In our at an early stage brainstorming meetings, among the principles that resonated most with united state was the concept of a dynamic duo. Seeing what 2 young stars can do together they climb up together is really intriguing, whether it’s Steph and also Klay, Durant and Westbrook, or also going ago a little bit to pairs choose Kobe and Shaq, Stockton and Malone, or Jordan and Pippen.

And therefore Justice Young was born. He is a second round choose on her team that comes in through a bit of a chip on his shoulder, having actually been pass over and second-guessed for most of his basketball career. However Justice is a hard-worker and a good athlete, and also if you present the same devotion come practice and working top top your game that the does, he quickly becomes vital figure in the fast-moving NBA civilization that’s opened up in former of your eyes.

Denver Levins is one more noteworthy addition to the team in her rookie year. He’s an undrafted player that spent time in Europe and also the D-League, and since the doesn’t have the pedigree that someone prefer MyPLAYER, he’s mostly simply happy to be there. Much more than anything, Denver brings fun to the team. His feeling of feeling is apparent from the an extremely beginning, and also he helps provide MyPLAYER one outlet and also someone to relax with when the pressures space mounting.

I won’t invest too lot time obtaining into the remainder of the characters here. It’ll be much more exciting for you to uncover them on your own. Yet rest assured, we’ve gained some the the expected ones – her agent, the assistant coach, the team’s trainer – and some potentially unexpected ones too – a win reporter, her girlfriend, your barber. Together MyPLAYER encounters yet another transition – new teammates, a brand-new city, new coaches – for the 3rd year in a heat (high school, college, and now the NBA), all of these characters play vital roles in help him finding his way.

One other essential goal for us this year to be to continue to enhance the quality of the actors. Together you can see in the screenshots, justice is played by Michael B. Jordan. Having an gibbs of his caliber to be amazing, and also he collection the tone from the an extremely beginning because that the remainder of the cast. In NBA 2K17, we made it a suggest to cast seasoned gibbs in every role, and also I’m certain you’ll recognize some that the other names too, indigenous Hannibal Buress as Ice the Barber, to Matt Walsh together your university coach, Hemsley Adson.

The other piece to that puzzle was finding who who could act together the driving force behind the story, which led united state to lug on Aaron Covington as writer/director. Aaron to be a writer because that the movie Creed, therefore teaming the up through Michael B. Jordan to be a organic fit. And also beyond that, he’s a hardcore NBA fan and a longtime NBA 2K gamer, and that made a large difference in what we were may be to record this year.

Those details aside, most likely the biggest difference from NBA 2K16 is the means this year story unfolds. The way you play the game and also the decisions you make off-the-court will adjust the way you endure the narrative. If you’re a gym rat prefer Justice, the 2 of you will kind a strong bond best away. If you’re much more outspoken in press conferences and also when talking v the media, that will have ramifications under the line. Even our new text messaging device (more on the below) plays crucial role, together how and when you select to perform things, as well as the means you respond in an individual conversations, will help to dictate what is walking on roughly you end the food of the season.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice? Really? I’m sure that’s what you’re every wondering. And as strange together it sounds, Orange Juice is an essential part of MyCAREER this year. Orange Juice to represent the chemistry in between MyPLAYER and also Justice Young. Together their relationship develops, Orange Juice becomes a nickname because that the two of them, and also a crucial element in the story. Think of the Splash Brothers, or Showtime. Yes a little more to it, however I’ll permit you find that together you play the game.

Perhaps even more exciting though, is what it signifies on the court. As MyPLAYER and also Justice proceed to job-related together turn off the court, it has actually a real impact in what happens throughout games. When the 2 of you space locked in, you have the chance to utilize double player controls because that the very first time ever in MyCAREER. Not only have the right to you call Justice to execute things like reduced to the basket, take it a shot, or isolate, you can also switch over and also control that entirely.

Again, this is a entirely different way to beat the game in MyCAREER. It really adds an exciting twist come what is currently a greatly intensified gameplay experience. Us have had so lot fun about the office finding means to work the two-man game within the offense, and then hear the characters react and also interact after the game to a great (or not-so-great) performance only adds come the immersion. And of course, if that doesn’t seem to be her thing and also you just want to emphasis on MyPLAYER, that’s certainly still something you deserve to do. Yet I really think you’ll enjoy the new perspective it brings to MyCAREER gameplay, and I can not wait for anyone to it is in able to shot it.

Off-Court AI

One of the biggest changes in MyCAREER this year is our new Off-Court AI system. In NBA 2K16, we introduced the capability to choose between practice, connections, and endorsements on your off-days. This year we took it to a whole brand-new level. Now numerous different points will be reserved throughout a offered off-day, and it’s as much as you to decision what you desire to do throughout each period of time.

The practice gym is constantly open, so placing in work is never a bad idea. Probably you desire to take it up some of your time earning extra VC make an appearance because that a local endorsement company. Or possibly you’ve linked with Karl-Anthony communities recently, and he’s in town and also wants to perform something. Cultivating that relationship might be an extremely beneficial, both in regards to earning fans and also other rewards, and also in connecting with various other players around the league. Yet time is a an important commodity, and also you can’t do everything. It’s approximately you come decide what’s most important for her MyPLAYER. And our Off-Court AI mechanism will it is in constantly examining your play and your relationships through players, endorsement companies, and other people about the league to determine what avenues will become easily accessible to girlfriend next.

Text Messages

The main form of communication in MyCAREER v the various people you connect with is message messaging. In previous years, this form of communication was very primitive, and also usually one-way. This year, the conversations are totally interactive. You decide what to say and also how each conversation will unfold. Together you develop relationships v players about the league, they’ll be in regular interaction with you, setting up events, commenting on her play, and even sometimes stopping through to cave out once they’re around.


Endorsements room a an essential part that what you carry out off the court, and also this year we placed a ton of effort into producing a much more realistic device that will provide you at least a tiny bit that a taste that what it’s choose for one NBA star come decide that he wants to associate self with.

First off, and also one of the alters we’re many excited about, is the method that shoe deals work. Instead of wait weeks and also weeks for shoe suppliers to come around, in NBA 2K17, you do the decision right at the beginning of your career, similar to a actual NBA rookie would. However it’s no an easy selection to make. Each company offers various benefits. Some will give you an ext swag right away, while others will need you to work-related harder to relocate up the ladder. Her draft place plays a big role in this, therefore the far better you do in college, the an ext likely you’ll be able to jump right into a cash deal or also a practice colorway deal, rather than simply a basic merch deal.

As her star continues to rise, more companies will certainly come calling. And also this is totally dynamic in the it’s all based on the way you play. A firm like mountain Dew could be in search of a flashier player, while a firm like Spalding is more interested in players that exhibit strong ball managing abilities. If friend fit one of two people of those criteria, mean those companies to reach the end sooner quite than later. And also this concept extends to football player too, by the way. Steph Curry will affix with friend sooner if you make a most deep threes (or sign with Under Armour). Kobe Bryant will certainly take an attention if you put in a most extra occupational in her MyCOURT or in ~ the exercise Gym. And also so on, and so on.

Below is an example of what an endorsement contract offer could look like. You can see that periodically you will have the possibility to earn additional incentives based on your play, in addition to your continuous appearance rewards. In some cases, the deal you authorize will be exclusive, locking girlfriend in through that company, but preventing you indigenous signing on v a completing company. You also have the capacity to negotiate for things like more VC or under appearances, and it really becomes a game within the video game as you job-related with your agent to navigate the waters and also fit all of your commitments into your busy schedule.

Live Practice and also Doin’ Work

Obviously her play top top the court is the main point of MyCAREER mode. Constantly has been, and always will be. And a big part of that is putting in work-related in your under time to do yourself a much better player. V that in mind, we made decision to expand our Live Practice mechanism from last year to incorporate what we contact the Doin’ work meter. Filling up the Doin’ occupational meter will certainly earn you progress towards extr upgrade slots, which will allow you to completely maximize her MyPLAYER’s abilities. If you desire to it is in a 99 overall, and truly among the ideal of the best, she gonna have to put in the time and earn your way there.

On the note, among the things we want to make sure of was that the moment you spend on the court functioning on your game constantly counts because that something. So currently whether you’re in the center of a Team Practice, working on your shot in the exercise Gym through Justice, or even just shooting approximately solo in her MyCOURT, the Doin’ job-related meter is constantly there tracking your progress and letting you know that her time and effort is not going come waste.

Besides Doin’ Work, the suite of drills available in Live practice has significantly expanded. You’ll see many of the favorites indigenous 2K16 returning, yet we included quite a few more come go v them. One of the key themes through these was finding methods to create drills that space not simply fun, yet that also aid teach you how to be much more successful in games. That method you’ll see new drills centered on things prefer ball movement, setting screens, and also the pick-and-roll, to surname a few.

We’ve additionally expanded the alcove simply off the exercise court the last year housed the Gatorade Reaction drills. Currently you can also do things choose a ladder agility drill, bench press, squats, and totally free weights, in addition to some carryovers from last year in the box and vertical jumps. Again, every little thing matters here. You gotta put in the work-related if you want to come to be a star!


MyCOURT is back, and bigger and much better than ever. Like in 2K16, it when again acts as the hub the the mode. This is your home base, the place you come back to between games to upgrade your player, inspect stats and standings, cave out through your friends, screen your awards and accolades, and also so lot more.

In NBA 2K17, you have the right to now earn 3 various courts, unlocked as rewards together you development through the mode. All 3 are totally customizable, through a wide range of court floors, wall murals, and other accessories available to allow you to produce something the suits the personality that you and your MyPLAYER best.

Additionally, your MyCOURT is now completely connected to the remainder of the mode. We have a wide variety of story scenes that take place there to aid bring the story, her off-court events, and also the capacity to work-related on your game all together in one place.

And perhaps one of the coolest attributes in the entire mode this year is that you deserve to now acquire MyCOURT visitors. Not just your digital friends from the real world (although, yes, that’s still very much an option), but players you’ve constructed relationships with in her career. Early on, Denver and also Justice will prevent by to cave out and also get some job-related in (Protip: spending time Doin’ job-related with various other players is an ext valuable and also will relocate that meter up much more quickly), and eventually the will broaden to her teammates and other relationships you’ve made around the league.

In one of my really favorite experiences so much in 2K17, I had just come back from a Team Practice, and the Timberwolves to be up on the schedule the next day. Ns had associated with Karl-Anthony towns previously, and since he was in town because that the game, he sent me a message letting me know he was free that afternoon and wanted to avoid by. Ns agreed, and after shooting roughly for a bit, he challenged me come a game of 1-on-1.

Now, v me being a 6’3” PG, and Towns being a 7’ C, the was already shaping approximately be an interesting match-up. Yet KAT is no typical big man. The guy deserve to move his feet, and he’s a an excellent defender. So ns wasn’t going to jet previous him for straightforward lay-ups the means I envisioned. That actually started off through backing me under in true post-scorer fashion, and also I simply couldn’t prevent him. I ultimately got the to miss after 3 right baskets, and then got 3 that my own to tie the up. ~ above the following possession, I used some dribble moves to leaving him in the dust, but he recovered much an ext quickly than I expected, and also caught up and blocked what was supposed to be my flashy dunk to obstacle it in his face. And also then he acquired the ball earlier and score the next 2 baskets to success the game. Ouch.

It was really a distinct experience though, and also the sort I’ve never had actually in our game before. Just seeing one NBA star favor Karl-Anthony Towns arriving at your very own private, customized court is cool in itself, but being able to shoot around with him and get some beneficial work in, as well, is a whole extra level the fun.

Additional Notes

There’s so lot to talk about here, and also I feel favor I’m only scratching the surface, for this reason let me just throw the end a few more notes on things I didn’t get a possibility to covering in-depth before I complete up: · Remember, exactly how you beat on the court and what you carry out off the court MATTER. In fact, one of the very very first big story branches occurs in the Prelude. Beat well enough there, and also you’ll gain story facets less successful players won’t.

You have already, and will continue to hear from ours gameplay team on every the transforms they made to gameplay, yet I have to say they really outdid us this time. The transforms to shooting and physicality do such a big difference, and playing as a big man in MyCAREER has actually never been much more fun.

On the note, listen to your Coach! Team Practices, in particular, are essential not just for making her MyPLAYER better, but additionally in keeping your was standing in the rotation. And our brand-new Smart Coach system is constantly the town hall and evaluating both you and also your team, so usage the nuggets of information it’s dropping, and work difficult on those drills in practice to make her play top top the court that lot stronger.

♦We go our ideal to do every mechanism in the setting as intelligent and relevant as possible. Pay fist to what’s going on around you, and also think carefully around the decision you make. Occasionally, they will have actually long-term implications that you i will not ~ realize until after that down the road.

♦Context is crucial too. While particular players or proof companies can be much more interested in a details style the play, where and when you do things renders a difference. Because that example, a posterizing dunk top top LeBron James in the 4th quarter of a tied video game that’s on national TV (yes, those are principles we track) will count a lot an ext in your favor 보다 a posterizing dunk on a player native the finish of the bench top top a small market team in a video game that’s a total blowout. So if you have a penchant because that coming up clutch in key moments, that’ll placed you top top the rapid track to bigger and far better things.

♦Don’t overlook your message messages! Not only will they offer you avenues to build relationships with other NBA players, yet they room your direct avenue to proof contracts, and also some of the conversations you have will directly affect the story unfolding approximately you.

♦I can’t say sufficient how cool the is the method you get immersed in the story. As mentioned, having actually scenes the take place in her MyCOURT makes a large difference, but you’ll likewise find a many content in the exercise Gym (go come practice!), as well as regular post-game reaction from MyPLAYER and Justice as you monitor them seamlessly turn off the court, under the tunnel, and also into the locker room. From sideline interviews v David Aldridge, to far interviews post-game with Shaq and Kenny back in the studio, there’s always something walking on to keep the world about you emotion alive and aware. Hats off to both our presentation team and also our MyCAREER engineers and designers. They did an unbelievable project making every one of this happen.

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♦Lastly, I understand I provided this native a many here, however one that the best themes in MyCAREER is that we want you to have actually fun. 2K16’s story was certainly slanted towards the an ext dramatic and also emotional moment a young NBA player can face, so for NBA 2K17, we wanted to be closer to the other end of the spectrum. And hopefully we’re maybe to offer you a small bit of one idea that what being on the path to stardom in the NBA can be like. There yes, really is an unbelievable quantity of content in MyCAREER this year – certainly more than we’ve ever done before. When you will certainly generally constantly have the possibility to execute things choose team up through Justice, learn exactly how to endure and adjust to the lengthy NBA season, and sign proof deals, the how, when, and why will certainly be different, and also there will certainly be lot of of other things girlfriend won’t suffer at every in just a solitary playthrough.