I downloaded NBA2K16 for totally free (super stoked) and also have actually been letting it sit and copy the game for virtually 5 hrs currently and it's just at 38%. I've tried deleting it and also trying again prior to and refounding it yet it's still very sluggish. Anyone else have actually this difficulty or, better yet a solution?


Okay so this is how a lot of Sports games work-related.

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You downpack a small downfill 7GBs for NBA 2k16 then it requirements to download/install the remainder of the game (the full game is 40.1 GBs).

Usually as soon as the game is installing it takes a lot longer than it would certainly via your normal Net. DO NOT UNINSTALL IT, THAT WILL ONLY MAKE IT TAKE LONGER AS IT WILL HAVE TO REPEAT THE PROCESS

Edit: Wait, leave the game running whilst you sleep etc.

I have actually the exact same difficulty I also deleted it gained my own difficult copy of 2k and was still the exact same trouble have you found any solutions

I was thrvery own off by this also. Basically what happens is sufficient of the game downloads and installs to let you play a quick game while the remainder of the game and attributes download in the background. Just make certain your rest mode settings permit your ps4 to continue to be linked to the internet and it will inevitably complete downloading and install. I began the initial downfill last night and woke up this morning to the complete game being downloaded and also set up.

I simply closed the application and also re opened it. What helped me (for some odd reason) remained in the quickplay part of the game, hover over a team that isn't 100% coppied and the team will copy quicker. After done through all the teams, the downfill started going faster, not dramatically much faster, but noticeably. It still took a little bit of time to download tho

I had the exact same difficulty and also found this solution virtual.

Cshed NBA 2K16

Go to downlots in the notification menu

Pausage the downpack of 2K16

Wait a couple of secs and unpause.

I discovered it accelerated the downpack significantly, prior to the pause it said it was 11 hours remaining for around half the file to 6 hours remaining. Left the system prefer that, turned off the controller, and also came earlier to it later on.

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