During this time it will certainly be very important for united state to come on time. This will make certain that the time essential to prep the an are for the next client is no compromised. Additionally, the below steps will also need to be taken until more notice.

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-Due come our service obligating us to be in nearby proximity to every other, mask have to be worn during time that service. Unfortunately, without a mask we will need to reschedule her urbanbreathnyc.comointment.

- every clients have to wash hands/sanitize top top entering.

- supplied pre opened up hair will certainly not be allowed!

-Children 12 and under beginning service need to be agreed ~ above by the stylist.

- When getting here for an urbanbreathnyc.comointment, please send a message to check your arrival. I will then contact you once we have the right to start her service.

-There space to be no extr people accompanying client to urbanbreathnyc.comointments. That, unfortunately, has children.

-If you"re emotion under the weather in any method I ask that you reschedule. In addition, client with excessive cough, unfortunately will certainly be asked to reschedule because that a later on date.

-Online payments are strongly urged at this time.

- Food and also Beverages room not permitted in the loft. Ns ask the only vital items be carried with you.

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I know this is a lot but I believe we room still needing come take good precautions come ensure we space safe even as the federal government pushes to open up the economic situation up for business. I am excited to check out you all and also get back to what ns love, but much more than that, I desire to make sure I to be doing my component to ensure her safety and also mine.

-Thank you all and see girlfriend soon!

*CONSULTATION compelled FOR brand-new CLIENTS*


Jasmine blacksmith - J.Knechol beauty beauty Lounge

Please currently schedule in ~ https://jknecholbeautylounge.glossgenius.com/

Jasmine is a license is granted Cosmetologist and Educator that 10yrs, Specializing in organic HAIR CARE. Jasmine started her expert career under the amazing Kim Willis, Creator the “Of Course!” haircare line and Founder of naturally U Hair Salons. In 2014, Jasmine came to be the new Owner of normally U Hair Salon until August 2019. End Jasmine’s 10 year job she has been able to expand her me as a stylist by continuing her education and also constantly in search of ways to evolve both outside and also within the Hair Industry. V this desire come expand and also welcome in this following Chapter of her career, Jasmine founded Soigné Studio Suites right now located in the shop Suites, offering room where Beauty specialists can develop their very own brand and adopt lives the entrepreneurship in a welcoming environment. Jasmine is excited to watch where this brand-new venture take away her and also remains thankful for her te IN THE GAME!


ZarKea hall - naturally U Hair ZarKea is license is granted Cosmetologist, Specializing in natural Haircare and Growth. With 5 years of organic Haircare experience, ZarKea is praised because that knowing specifically what she is law behind the chair. ZarKea is a graduate the Tricoci university of beauty, beauty Culture. After ~ graduating indigenous Trococi, ZarKea joined normally U Hair Salon. V the salon, ZarKea constructed a brand and name of she own. Being recognized for not just educating she clients, but also giving castle a warm atmosphere to unwind and relax. You room sure to leaving feeling and also looking your best!

SCHEDULING urbanbreathnyc.comOINTMENTS

Please it is in advised, as soon as scheduling one urbanbreathnyc.comointment, a credit/debit map IS compelled ON FILE. This card will not be charged your organization price until checkout the work of your urbanbreathnyc.comointment, whereby you will likewise have an option to pay in person.

Please, additionally be aware your her STYLIST POLICIES. Some require 48 hour notice for all CANCELS OR RESCHEDULES, please take this into factor to consider when making her urbanbreathnyc.comointment. You will receive a check after scheduling your urbanbreathnyc.comointment. PLEASE check out THIS confirmation TO FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF v OUR POLICIES