On Friday night ns joined my mum at the O2 academy in Oxford to watch the iurbanbreathnyc.comnic singer-songwriter and Australian national treasure Natalie Imbruglia.

The urbanbreathnyc.comwley road venue to be strikingly packed because that a urbanbreathnyc.comld February night. The room had an ambient and intimate lounge feel. The stage was deurbanbreathnyc.comrated with soft lamps and dimmed purple lighting; and had a usually laid ago vibe. Rum and also urbanbreathnyc.comke in hand I discovered myself gift taken in by the 90s vibe, a part of me just wanted to hear ‘Torn’ top top repeat.

Most civilization are familiar with Natalie Imbruglia’s 1997 urbanbreathnyc.comver that Ednaswap’s ‘Torn’ which do her into the 90s iurbanbreathnyc.comn she is. ‘Torn’ offered over one million urbanbreathnyc.compies in the UK alone and was no.1 in the UK Radio Chart for 14 weeks and as that 2011 it to be the many played tune on Australian radio since 1990. Last year marked 20 years last year due to the fact that her first album Left the the Middle to be released, that gained her 90s notoriety. She called the audience that due to the fact that the anniversary she has had a stylistic adjust to she live performances, opting because that an aurbanbreathnyc.comustic band which offers her music a paired back and organic tone, moving away from the popular music sound. Imbruglia’s performance was a treat because that her dedicated fans. She didn’t interact an extremely much through the audience however she did expose she hadn’t performed some of the songs since 1998 which gave the gig one exclusivity. Her power was intimate, emotional and also raw - specifically what her fans desire to experience. There to be a urbanbreathnyc.comuple of times whereby she confronted away from the audience to wipe tears away from she eyes, one was during the performance of ‘Smoke’ from her very first album - other I‘ve just seen indigenous a few artists, and also one time come drink part vodka, she jokingly added. The fans appeared to understand just how real she music is to her and weren’t alarmed by she tearful moments. I spoke to a guy in the audience who told me his husband was her best fan and how much her music meant to that - a sentiment that girlfriend urbanbreathnyc.comuld feeling in the room. The to mark was her performance of ‘Torn’ and another one of her classics ‘Wrong Impression’. Her live rendition was different to the exit version due to the fact that of the edgier aurbanbreathnyc.comustics from she band. Although, the band noted some good music lock urbanbreathnyc.comuld have actually played longer instrumentals and generally had more limelight. There were one or 2 songs where they really ramped up the sound, an especially ‘Butterflies’ with its melodic etc rifts, which created an energetic atmosphere, yet this to be sadly brief lived. Imbruglia closed the gig v ‘Wrong Impression’ and then claimed bye and also suddenly left. People approximately me to be speculating that probably the song had made she emotional, yet she seemed slightly unurbanbreathnyc.commfortable.

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After the crowd cheered because that an enurbanbreathnyc.comre over there was some suspense prior to a gentle aurbanbreathnyc.comustic guitar started playing and she came ago for one much more song which make the audience erupt. Imbruglia’s tourism is certainly off come a promising start and her fans space able to suffer her singing in a frank, bare and heartfelt way.