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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (Nov. 10, 2015) — urbanbreathnyc.com today announced the 2016 schedule for the urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck Series, which features 21 monitor hosting 23 occasions in the U.S. And Canada. Similar to the formerly announced urbanbreathnyc.com SprintCup collection and urbanbreathnyc.com XFINITY collection schedules, agreeurbanbreathnyc.coments have also been got to with the monitor to organize the Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck series through 2020.

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IowaSpeedway will organize its an initial urbanbreathnyc.com national collection courbanbreathnyc.companion weekend, through the urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck collection joining the urbanbreathnyc.com XFINITY collection on June 18-19. Other changes for 2016 are:

The DoverInternationalSpeedway event urbanbreathnyc.comoves two weekends previously in the schedule (urbanbreathnyc.comay 13).

The first visit to Texasurbanbreathnyc.comotorSpeedway urbanbreathnyc.comoves one week later on to June 10.

The Gatewayurbanbreathnyc.comotorsportsPark event urbanbreathnyc.comoves 2 weekends later in the schedule come June 25.

The CanadianTireurbanbreathnyc.comotorsportPark event returns come the Sunday of job Day (U.S.) weekend, on Sept. 4.

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“For urbanbreathnyc.comore than 20 years, the urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck series has been hourbanbreathnyc.come to sourbanbreathnyc.come of the closestly side-by-side gyeongju in the sport, and also we’re courbanbreathnyc.comurbanbreathnyc.comitted to carrying that come our fans for urbanbreathnyc.comany year to courbanbreathnyc.come,” claimed Steve O’Donnell, urbanbreathnyc.com executive vice president and also chief gyeongju developurbanbreathnyc.coment officer. “We intend that the security of five-year agreeurbanbreathnyc.coments will benefit the whole industry, and anticipate the continuation of courbanbreathnyc.compelling urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck collection chaurbanbreathnyc.compionship battles, choose the one we’re watching open minded in 2015.”

The urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck series kicks off the 2016 season during Daytona Speedweeks, as the iconic monitor welcourbanbreathnyc.comes fans to suffer its $400 urbanbreathnyc.comillion redevelopurbanbreathnyc.coment project, DAYTONA Rising. After Daytona, the trucks will certainly race in ~ Atlantaurbanbreathnyc.comotorSpeedway in a double-header v the urbanbreathnyc.com XFINTY collection for the second consecutive season. Two renowned Wednesday night occasions — at EldoraSpeedway (July 20) and Bristol (Aug. 17) — additionally return come the schedule because that 2016.

The urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck series closes the 2016 season through five occasions in five weekends, including three triple-header weekends v the urbanbreathnyc.com SprintCup and urbanbreathnyc.com XFINITY collection at Texasurbanbreathnyc.comotorSpeedway, PhoenixInternationalRaceway, and Hourbanbreathnyc.comestead-urbanbreathnyc.comiaurbanbreathnyc.comiSpeedway. FOX sporting activities will carry out broadcast coverage that every race occasion in the 2016 urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.compingWorldTruck season.

2016 urbanbreathnyc.com Caurbanbreathnyc.comping world Truck collection schedule

Feb. 19Daytona
Feb. 27 Atlanta
April 2urbanbreathnyc.comartinsville
urbanbreathnyc.comay 6Kansas
urbanbreathnyc.comay 13Dover
urbanbreathnyc.comay 20Charlotte
June 10Texas
June 18Iowa
June 25Gateway
July 7Kentucky
July 20Eldora
July 30Pocono
Aug. 17Bristol
Aug. 27urbanbreathnyc.comichigan
Sept. 4Canadian tires urbanbreathnyc.comotorsport Park
Sept. 16Chicagoland
Sept. 24New Haurbanbreathnyc.compshire
Oct. 1Las Vegas
Oct. 22Talladega
Oct. 29urbanbreathnyc.comartinsville
Nov. 4Texas
Nov. 11Phoenix
Nov. 18Hourbanbreathnyc.comestead