HIGGINS What in every one of heaven could've promted she to go, After together a triumph as the ball? What could've depressed her; What could've own her? ns cannot know the wretch at all. Women are irrational, that's every there is to that! over there heads are full of cotton, hay, and rags! They're nothing however exasperating, irritating,vacillating, calculating, agitating, Maddening and also infuriating hags! Pickering, why can't a woman be an ext like a man? PICKERINGHmm?HIGGINSYes... Why can't a mrs be much more like a man? males are for this reason honest, so completely square; Eternally noble, historic'ly fair; Who, once you win, will constantly give your earlier a pat. Well, why can't a mrs be favor that? Why go ev'ryone do what the rather do? Can't a woman discover to use her head? Why perform they perform ev'rything their mother do? Why don't they thrive up- well, favor their father instead? Why can't a mrs take after ~ a man? guys are therefore pleasant, so straightforward to please; whenever you are with them, you're constantly at ease. Would certainly you it is in slighted if ns didn't speak because that hours? PICKERING Of food not! HIGGINS would you it is in livid if I had a drink or two? PICKERING Nonsense. HIGGINS would you be wounded if I never sent friend flowers? PICKERING Never. HIGGINS Well, why can't a woman be choose you? One male in a million may shout a bit. Now and then there's one v slight defects; One, perhaps, whose truthfulness friend doubt a bit. However by and big we space a marvelous sex! Why can't a mrs take after favor a man? cause men are so friendly, great natured and kind. A much better companion you never ever will find.If i were hrs late for dinner, would certainly you bellow? PICKERING Of course not! HIGGINS If i forgot her silly birthday, would certainly you fuss? PICKERING Nonsense. HIGGINS would you complain if i took out another fellow?PICKERING Never. HIGGINS Well, why can't a mrs be like us? Mrs. Pearce, you're a woman... Why can't a mrs be more like a man? guys are therefore decent, such continuous chaps. Ready to assist you through any mishaps. All set to buck you up whenever you space glum.

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Why can't a mrs be a chum? Why is thinking something women never ever do? Why is reasonable never even tried? Straight'ning up your hair is every they ever do. Why don't castle straighten increase the chaos that's inside? Why can't a mrs behave choose a man? If i was a mrs who'd to be to a ball, been hailed as a princess by one and also by all; would I begin weeping choose a bathtub overflowing? and carry on together if my home were in a tree? would I run off and never call me where I'm going? Why can't a woman be favor me?
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