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Optically clean polyester is ideal for face shields. Some companies deliver shields made through inexpensive PVC. The problem with PVC is that it scratches easily and has optical distortions the can cause queasiness. For better visual acuity pick PET clean Polyester.

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PPE needs to it is in comfortable, otherwise the won’t be used effectively. MyShield is lined v soft material, is at sight lightweight and also can it is in worn top top the head or neck for maximum comfort. Plus, has actually a velcro strap for no squeezing or pinching
, guaranteed! MyShield is the most comfortable challenge shield top top the market.


The people Health organization says in bespeak to successfully halt the spread out of spread of COVID-19, we require to protect our encounters from touch. Viruses deserve to live because that days on surfaces from desktops come door handles, and once on ours hands it s okay transferred into our bodies through the eyes, nose and also mouth. Neither gloves nor confront masks protect against this type of transmission.

Experts suggest face shields improve protection and are a an ext effective deterrent. Safeguard your employees and make her customers feel safe v MyShield.


The capability to clean and reuse your confront shield is important. MyShield is an easy to clean; the strap, jawbones and also shield quickly disconnect and also lay flat. Spray and also wipe through disinfectant; disinfecting have the right to be done through bleach, thymol and also other CDC approved disinfectants. Prevent using something that might scratch the surface of her shield favor a scouring pad or difficult bristle brush.


MyShields Velcro linked strap adjusts come fit small to x-large heads and necks. The Head totally free configuration will not interfere v hair, facial-hair or glasses. No squeezing or pinching, guaranteed.

Your brand is the image customers have of your business. We understand it is crucial to it is in strategic and intentional once you consider any type of products. Powis/MyShield deserve to offer you a wide choice of beautiful and also easy come clean materials that reflect her brand appropriately.

Custom designed and also printed MyShields are easily accessible for assignment of 250 or more! Interested? contact us now!


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Are girlfriend interested in buying because that your service or organization? We sell volume discounts and customization: View Price list!

If MyShield doesn’t feeling comfortable for any type of reason… if it doesn’t make you feeling protected… if it feels wrong on you… then we’ll refund your money, No concerns Asked! all the threat is squarely on our shoulders.

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We room using provides from our normal operations and also have reconfigured tools to make face Shields. We want to help as many civilization as feasible as lengthy as us can. Also, us at Powis have taken steps to lug our workers ago while making sure our structure is a safe place to be. To us, worker security comes first, period.

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