Mumford & young reused top top Delta the people instruments they made use of on their very first two albums but did not play top top Wilder Mind. But they collection out to make the instruments sound different to the way they"re generally used. A situation in suggest is this song"s looped riff i m sorry the band told The Guardian was achieved by "chopping increase banjos" through the studio software program Logic.

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Mumford & Son"s Winston Marshall called the BBC he developed a five-string cello banjo which he used on this song. "Trying to usage a banjo there is no it ever sounding choose a banjo to be actually fairly an exciting ambition because that this album," he said.
The lo-fi video clip was shot in new York through Mumford & Sons" frequent collaborator James Marcus Haney and also choreographed through Kristin Sudeikis. The clip complies with two modern dancers, Stephanie Crousillat and Yeman Brown, in a series of intimate residence video-style vignettes in which lock portray lovers.
Though the track is titled "Woman," the masculine dancer Yeman Brown is the focus of much of the video. Marshall explained: "It"s a tiny deceptive since the story of the tune isn"t the woman. It"s the love in between those 2 people and that"s why the video clip is clever: it reveals the throughout the song. It"s no something that smacks girlfriend in the confront the very first second that the video, it"s something friend learn."
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If I could Turn back TimeCher

According to the song"s writer, Diane Warren, Cher hated the song and she had actually to pressure it on she by holding she leg down throughout a session until she taped it.

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