I go through several of the questions found in the spoiler forum because that this web novel. I know most have been answered however I figured I’ll translate in a list right here with my own responses. Just a reminder the the MC is Xi Xinghe and ML is Xi Mubai.

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Is Xi Lin a genius? Does Xi Lin recognize that MC is his mother? Why walk MC leave her child behind?

Xi Lin or also known together Linlin is MC and also ML’s son. He in reality does no play a large role in this novel in ~ all. We just see that a handful of times. Ns don’t understand if he’s a genius however he is intelligent. In the end, the is discussed that MC and ML have actually a daughter that is a genius.

Yes, Linlin does understand that MC is his mother. In ~ his date of birth party, that ran turn off to hide. When MC it s okay there and is announced, he well-known her name, comes out from hiding and also hold she hand.

When MC divorced ML, she left Linlin behind since she knew that he might raised him in better circumstances than she could.

Does ML get married Chu Tianxin?

Obviously not. Chu Tianxin flourished up v ML yet he had always been more interested in computer systems and technology than girls. He only married MC because his dad asked him to (as a dying wish from his father’s comrade). He additionally only gets engaged to Chu Tianxin as result of his mother’s urging. His mom witnessed Chu Tianxin grow up and also have constantly hoped she would be her daughter-in-law i beg your pardon is why she didn’t choose MC.

When MC ultimately tells him the the reason she asked for a divorce was since he cheated ~ above her through Chu Tianxin, he lastly realized the his mother and also Chu Tianxin staged a scene. Lock drugged ML and while he was in bed, Chu Tianxin gets right into bed with him. They take it pictures and also showed MC. ML speak her the he’s never ever cheated. To avenge her, he division up his engagement to Chu Tianxin.

Does ML understand that MC is the hacker 001?

Yes. Ns don’t remember if there to be a large surprise yet he saw her hacking in ~ the hacking competition and also automatically knew that she to be the hacker 001. Prior to the competition, they encountered each various other online. ML asked if she would be interested in working for Xi Empire however she turned the down.

What happened throughout the hacker competition?

On the work of the hacker competition, the police reflects up in ~ MC’s house with one arrest warrant for her. Chui Corps have charged she for libel. Throughout Linlin’s date of birth party, MC got into an argument with her stepsister Xia Wushuang and her husband, Chui Ming. MC accuses Chui Ming of something which resulted in the stock price for his company to fall. MC goes to the police station and gets abused by her stepmother and also stepsister in prior of the cops since they were “bought” through Chui Ming.

At the hacker competition, MC’s cousin Xia Zhi approach ML asking if he can help release she from jail. ML appears cold so Xia Zhi think that ML won’t help. However, after ~ Xia Zhi leaves, ML had his assistant go to the police terminal to bail her out. In ~ the exact same time, Xiao Mo (the original developer the Chui Ming’s software) drops the CD that organized the software MC created, X computer Manager. Chui Ming happened to choose it up. Xiao Mo finished up kneeling in front of Chui Ming to get it back.

During the tournament, Chui Corps’ hacker Ee Chen starts come hack the software program MC developed. MC finally shows up and starts hacking Chui Corps’ software. Clear MC wins the competition. MC looks at the contract through Xi Empire, indicators it and also have Xiao Mo it is in the CEO of the company.

Does ML know around MC’s illness and will MC recover later?

MC had a dream the she to be going come die and after she dies, her boy Linlin will be treated poorly, leading to his death which is why she request ML to have actually custody the Linlin because that a couple of years. MC goes come the hospital for a check-up and it turns out the she has a mind tumor.

ML will find out about it when she faints and gets hospitalized. The does every he might to assist her. However, we will discover out the the tumor is actually the storage cell the was implanted on her brain by Dr. Lu Qi throughout a ahead surgery.

When will ML and also MC autumn in love? will certainly they acquire remarried?

We won’t get to witness your remarriage. It is only stated in the an extremely last chapter that they carry out indeed get remarry. MC is a small awkward once it pertains to love. After ~ she gets her genius back, she doesn’t care around ML, just their son. However, ML i found it the readjust in her and also becomes intrigued through her. He starts to trust and support she while fall in love with her. She heart starts to beat a small faster for him whenever he does something for her the she doesn’t expect, like stand up for her or assist her v something. Once he tells her that he loves her, he additionally tells her that he doesn’t desire to push her and he’ll wait because that her.

Honestly, ns feel choose their love is much more action than words that affirmation (love language, ftw). Like rather of every the love words, lock both show each various other that lock care around each other. At any time ML is injured and also in a coma, she’ll visit him and do every she can gain cure him. It’s in reality really sweet.

Who is Xia Meng? What happened to her afterward? Does MC return to her body after the body switch? What happened to Ye Shen?

Xia Meng is a woman that is crippled early out to domestic abuse from her husband. Xia Meng came to be obsessed with MC’s life after Dr. Lu Qi provided her as an instance of a woman down on she luck that turned her life around. Xia Meng’s father is a genius who developed the storage Cell and also left it through her. Dr. Lu Qi became intrigued by this technology and i agreeed to have actually it implanted on MC and Xia Meng, switching their memories. So their bodies space still theirs yet the memories enclosed aren’t i m sorry is why in actuality, it’s not a human body swap, it’s a storage swap.

After Chu Tianxin’s attempt on she life making use of hungry wolfhounds, MC wakes up yet realized the she’s in a stranger’s body. She well-known the woman as someone she met previously. She finds the end that her body is still lively albeit in a coma and also that the Xi household have taken she away. She gets taken ago to the Ye resident whereby she realized that Xia Meng’s husband, mother-in-law, and also sister-in-law are horrible people. Xia Meng’s husband Ye Shen wooed her because he knew the she had a black color box (energy crystal) and he wanted it for himself since he likewise have one too. After they gained married, he began treating her badly as well as cheat top top her. Anytime she bring up divorce, the would just agree if she gives him the blac box.

MC hacked into ML’s computer and also tried to tell him that she’s Xia Xinghe. She tells him the the surname of her organize is Xia Meng. In ~ the very same time, “Xia Xinghe” wakes increase from the coma. When he go to watch her, that realized right away the she is not MC. The remembered the hacker and also so the following day he goes to the Ye household resident to look for “Xia Meng”. That believes her and also they uncover out what happened.

At the end, Ye Shen gets thrown in jail. MC as Xia Meng go to see him in prison and also asked him around Project Galaxy. Afterward, someone breaks right into prison and also kills him due to the fact that they desire the black box too. Lock staged it to look prefer a suicide. But before he dies, he speak them the Xia Meng have his black color box. MC together Xia Meng then gets kidnapped by Feng Saohuang and also tortured because she doesn’t recognize where the black color box is. The tortured she so badly that her organize body can’t withstand it. In the end, v Dr. Lu Qi completing the storage cell, MC gets her body back while Xia Meng it s okay the human body of an additional person who remained in a vegetative state through a slim possibility of waking up.

Does MC face-slap her previous mother-in-law or walk she repent?

MC doesn’t personal face-slap her previous mother-in-law. This is excellent by ML when he calls off the engagement with Chu Tianxin. Her former mother-in-law as well as the rest of the Xi household doesn’t choose her but after she created the fabricated limb for Elder Madam Xi, they begin to it is in nicer to her. It gets to the point where they start to rely and depend ~ above her. Once ML gets right into a auto accident and also he’s fifty percent dead, they had actually MC come to be the CEO the Xi Empire. The former mother-in-law apologizes come her and also go so far regarding say the she will identify no daughter-in-law other than for her.

Did the Xi household know the MC suffered from amnesia after her auto accident once she was married to ML?

I don’t think they knew she was suffering from amnesia. Ns don’t think also she knew she had actually amnesia. Or ns don’t think she really had actually amnesia. Because she remembered every little thing except anything having actually to execute with her being a genius.

How does ML endure the plane crash?

ML’s cousin Xi Munan and MC to be both framed by Feng Saohuang. Therefore, MC and ML sneak turn off to nation Y come look for evidence of Feng Saohuang’s criminal tasks since they understand he’s linked with IV Syndicate. On their method there, their aircraft was crashing. ML place the parachute on MC then pushes her the end of the plane. She just sees the aircraft crash and also not ML getting out. She doesn’t feel the he died so she continued to look because that him. ML did certainly parachuted out yet he got injured therefore he had actually recovered before he deserve to look for her.

What’s the Lin household arc?

The very first Lin we accomplish is Lin Yun. The Lin household is a prestigious household from the capital. Lin Yun is a national intelligence agent who has the hots because that ML. ML’s grandfather begged the Lin family for help when Xi Munan is implicated for stealing armed forces weapons. However, MC and also ML have currently figured things out and got evidence. So once Lin Yun want the Xi family members to beg her prior to helping them, MC and ML refused. Upset, she made decision to work-related with Feng Saohuang to eliminate the whole Xi Family. ~ Feng Saohuang it s okay imprisoned, the Lin family members decide to kill her turn off by planting a bomb in her purse when MC and ML pick her up to take she to the police station. The bomb killed Lin Yun and severely injured ML. MC only survived due to the fact that ML safeguarded her. The bomb to be planted in Lin Yun’s purse by she cousin, Lin Xuan. Us will find out later that Lin Xuan is the boss of IV Syndicate.

While ML is in a coma due to the bombing, the Xi household asked MC to take end his CEO position. During this time, the Lin family members know the without ML, Xi empire will it is in weak thus Lin Jing’s company, Bao Hwa beginning buying stock to take under Xi Empire. Lin Jing is Lin Xuan’s younger sister and the CEO that Bao Hwa, a jewelry company. Fortunately, MC is a genius and already figured what’s going on and managed to beat Lin Jing. She had the ability to kick Lin Jing out of she CEO position and having the company fall under Xi Empire.

After she and Dr. Lu Qi perfect the synthetic heart for ML, there space news that the chairman is ill. Grandfather Xi understand that the Lin family members will usage this chance to obtain one of their family members in together President which would not bode well for the Xi Family. The Xi household gets news the end that Dr. Lu Qi saved ML which caught the fist of the President’s wife that invited the to save the President. Dr. Lu Qi realized that the President likewise needed an synthetic heart for this reason he asked because that MC to it is in his assistant.

What is job Galaxy? What is the black box?

The task is to travel to the moon and also live there then damaging Earth. This to be designed through MC’s mother before she made decision that she wanted to save humanity. The black color box is actually an energy crystal.

When walk MC reunite through her mother? who is MC’s mother?

Although MC’s mommy raised her, she actually does not recognize her mother’s name. The name she gets from the Lan Yuan is Xia Wa, a name that he himself offered her. MC’s mother is the 2nd miss that the Shen Family. When she to be born, she to be switched in ~ birth through the Lin Family’s daughter. The Lin household gave her up for fostering while adopting another girl who they cure poorly. MC’s mom went through the the Lan Family’s orphanage, point of view Orphanage. Because of being brainwashed by that Lan Yuan, MC’s mother created Project Galaxy. She’s likewise the computer system expert. That Lan Yuan felt that no man was worthy that her, only he was. As soon as she realized the she didn’t agree with his ideals, she escaped and also took a team of people with her. They concerned City T, hosted ordinary left, marry/had children prior to disappearing to occupational on a portal to the 5th dimension.

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MC’s mother was in hibernation every those years because she want to conserve herself in stimulate to damage He Lan Yuan’s plans. As soon as she wake up up indigenous hibernation, she observed that that Lan Yuan was searching for her for this reason she agreed to fulfill him. Back she doesn’t agree v him, he was still her teacher for this reason she couldn’t death him. I m sorry is why she left instructions because that MC to take him down. MC reunite v her after she meeting with He Lan Yuan.