Catch up on the camp friend may have missed in the ’80s, a creepy documentary around a real-life boogeyman, and one that the ideal vampire films ever made


OK, so this ’80s vampire classic isn’t scary in the slightest, but it’s campy funny that must never be forgotten. If you’ve viewed it and also loved it, rejoice the it’s available to stream on Netflix. And also if friend haven’t watched it, what the hell have actually you to be doing with your life? turn off the lights, snuggle up next to your Teddy Ruxpin, crack open a have the right to of Tab, and also press play.

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2. “Night of the Creeps”


Keep the party going v Fred Dekker’s “Night that the Creeps,” which combines aliens, zombies, serial killers, frat bros and lonely virgins to do a camp classic inspired by scientific research fiction movie from the ’50s, which climate went top top to accumulate James Gunn’s 2006 horror-comedy “Slither.”

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3. “Cropsey”


This check of a real-life boogeyman, that abducted and also murdered Staten Island youngsters in the ’70s, is just one of the creepiest documentaries ever before produced. Not just does it take it viewers with a guided tourism of a now-abandoned state institution that Geraldo Rivera famously exposed together a hell hole because that forgotten children, but the filmmakers correspond through the incarcerated boogeyman, himself, together they investigate a an enig that tho remains largely unsolved. Walk the cops ever get the ideal guy, or let the general public pick a scapegoat based on the once terrifying stigma of gift mentally handicapped?

4. “The Cabin in the Woods”


If friend missed the theatrical release of this terrific genre satire from co-writers Joss Whedon and also Drew Goddard, that directed, then you’ll want to grab a group of friends and watch the for totally free on Netflix. It’s a funny, scary and unpredictable turn on — you guessed it — cabin in the woods movies choose “Evil Dead.” While actor Fran Kanz steals the show as an observant stoner, it’s an excellent to check out “Thor” himself, chris Hemsworth, as a delicate victim and Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins betting v co-star Bradley Whitford top top the ache of others.

5. “You’re Next”


Horror fans were raving about Adam Wingard’s slasher film once it hit the festival circuit in 2011, and critics loved it when Lionsgate lastly released that in 2013. Unfortunately, the bombed at the box office, for this reason there’s a an excellent chance girlfriend never offered this fun residence invasion a chance. Do yourself a favor, though, and also don’t check out the reviews or also the plot synopsis the studio available up, due to the fact that it spoils the surprised that make audiences fall in love through it, in the first place.

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6. “Let the right One In”


This 2008 swedish vampire flick the doubles as a coming-of-age drama is typically regarded as among the ideal horror movies of the brand-new millennium v a 98 percent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The American remake starring Chloe elegant Moretz together a young boy’s blood thirsty crush is also pretty solid, yet that’s not streaming ~ above Netflix, so you’re stuck to the international language version.

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7. “The Frighteners”


Remember when “Lord of the Rings” manager Peter Jackson used to make silly fear films? This 1996 fear comedy, starring Michael J. Fox together a con male using his sixth sense to swindle people out the money, was the last one Jackson made before getting significant in Middle-earth, and it’s certain delightful. Veteran character actors man Astin (“The Addams Family”) and also Chi McBride (“Boston Public”) beat Fox’s comical dead sidekicks that help him pull off fake haunts that can easily solve, till an yes, really malevolent phantom starts wreaking destruction on the small town populated by spectacularly strange characters.