Willy Pete’s Chocolate agency is own by Bryan Chiarappi, a veteran the end of Connecticut. The name “Willy Pete” originates from the abbreviation in the army alphabet for white phosphorus, i beg your pardon is supplied as an illuminary and also incendiary munition in the equipped forces. Much more or less, Willy Pete’s is fairly literally a one man company. Share waxes and wanes, together he grows his own peppers, that melts the chocolate himself, and also he develops his very own bars. This is hot cacao with a an individual touch.

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Front view of the label

The other being the Krazy Kimberlin bar, the MOAB bar is the second of two challenge bars. This is a ½ lb bar the dark chocolate with Carolina Reapers (2 in total per bar) and light caramel v Moruga Scorpions (2 in total per bar). So, 4 superhots every bar. The Scoville range reads “danger” ~ above the label, yet this is r/spicy: we space not the pass out hearted or the weak willed here. A girlfriend of mine go the whole thing in 15 minutes, however I am not really the kind of human who is into food challenges.

Chocolate: I’d guess: v this is 80% cocoa, together I nothing really gain the taste the milkfat here. This dark coco is delicious. It has actually that certain snap when you gently break it, however melts in your mouth the minute that heat is used to it. It has that hauntingly rich feel to it that just a an excellent dark coco can provide. Ns cannot check out the Carolina Reapers in it, but one whiff and you know they’re there. 8/10

Top view of the bar

Bottom watch of the bar

Caramel: ns sorry come say this, however I’m not a pan of caramel. However, i’m a fan of this iteration the it. That is smooth and also silky, through a rich flavor profile but a surprisingly light mouth feel. It is stretchy, but it does not stick. There is no charred taste come speak of, yet a quite dark sugar keep in mind that pairs naturally with the dark chocolate. This caramel is peppered v Moruga Scorpions. I’m not sorry to say the this is perfectly done caramel for a chocolate bar. 9/10

Heat: ns told by my friend the this bar is hot, so I’ll take his word because that it. My tolerance is not what a typical chilehead’s is, or so i’m told. The is a 2/10 on heat for me but, based upon his words, I’ll speak this is an 8/10 for human being who don’t have a tolerance and a 14/10 for people who have never had superhots. 2/10 & 8/10

Rear see of the label

Price: the is $15. However, considering that Bryan is a one man operation, there are 4 superhots per bar, it's a ½ pound bar, and he is quite active in aiding veterans, I think this is a fair price come pay. It’s sustaining a an excellent cause. Even if it is I favored or disliked Bryan, this is how I would rate his bar. My respect for him has actually influenced this review, yet not in exactly how I rated this chocolate bar.

Overall: If girlfriend like warm chocolate, then this is the only one you should get. I would go so far to to speak this is just one of the finest tasting coco bars the I’ve ever before had in my life. The truth that it’s obtained some warmth come it is simply a bonus. Great job, Bryan. I will certainly be getting a ton of your products.

EDIT1: The existing record is 3:37 through no liquids through Nuff the Main event Pong.

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EDIT2: mine friend, who has actually an above average tolerance, did it in 14:52 v no liquids.