Wind erosion is a natural procedure that moves floor from one ar to an additional by wind power. It deserve to cause far-reaching economic and urbanbreathnyc.comal damage.

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Wind erosion can be led to by a irradiate wind that rolls floor particles follow me the surface ar through come a strong wind the lifts a large volume of floor particles into the air to develop dust storms.

While wind erosion is most typical in deserts and seaside sand dunes and beaches, details land conditions will reason wind erosion in farming areas.

So, the is wind the drives the erosion, however it’s largely the landscape and also condition the the soil which leader to the most damaging wind erosion.


Wind erosion is i have lot of money for the economy, person health and the it can lead to soil loss, high cleaning bills, absenteeism, carry delays, sand-blasted crops and retail losses. A single dust storm that arisen on 22–23 September 2009 has actually been estimated to have expense the economy practically $300 million.

Wind erosion damages:

human health together airborne dust can reason asthma and also other wellness problems. agricultural production by stripping away the fertile top class of the soil and organic matter. Wind-blown soil have the right to bury or sandblast pastures, crops and also fences, contaminate wool and also deposit salt the when dust chokes creeks and also deposits undesirable nutrients and also salt, threaten plants and animals and causing blue eco-friendly algal blooms property as built structures deserve to be sandblasted through wind-blown dust and also buried in swollen sand economic activity whendust storms disrupt commercial tasks and transport, and also create the require for extra cleaning.


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Wind erosion have the right to be caused by tasks that alleviate ground cover below 50% and also remove trees and scrub that act together windbreaks, together as:

land clearing over-grazing by breed cub cropping.

These activities leave the soil exposed to the wind.

Drought reasons greater wind erosion because:

less rain way lower vegetation growth and also it is vegetation that binding the floor in place much less moisture in the soil, provides it much easier for floor particles to punch away.


You can lower the possibilities of wind erosion by maintaining vegetation covering (such together trees, chop residues and also pasture) above 50% and disturbing the floor as small as possible.

The federal government provides more information for land managers who want to control wind erosion in conserving Soil – A landholder’s guide to preventing and also repairing soil erosion.

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Graph reflecting the relationship in between ground cover and also wind erosion. The arrow marks the level of ground cover forced to regulate erosion.


DustWatchis a neighborhood program led by ours scientists. The monitors and also reports top top the extent and also severity of wind erosion across Australia.

The program aims to:

use dust together an indicator of the wellness of the Australian landscape increase awareness the the effects of dust, and how to minimise the by maintaining groundcover connect citizen researchers with the arsenal of rigorous target data from tools and provide local information administer natural resource agencies and also landholders with info to make informed decisions on how to maintain groundcover and manage soil in a sustainable way providing a focal allude for communication about dust and its detrimental effect on see condition and also human health.
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