Plant-Like Protists: birds

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Diatoms room single-celled algae. Other develops of algae space multicellular.

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Why space algae considered plant-like? The key reason is the they contain chloroplasts and produce food through photosynthesis. However, lock lack many other frameworks of true plants. For example, algae carry out not have actually roots, stems, or leaves. Some algae also differ from plants in being motile. They might move through pseudopods or flagella. Although no plants themselves, birds were probably the ancestors the plants.

Ecology that Algae

Algae play far-ranging roles as producers in aquatic ecosystems. Microscopic develops live rely in the water column. They space the main component the phytoplankton. Together such, they contribute to the food base of most maritime ecosystems.

Multicellular seaweeds referred to as kelp may prosper as large as trees. They are the food base of ecosystems referred to as kelp forests (see Figure below). Kelp woodlands are uncovered throughout the s in temperate and arctic climates. They space highly fertile ecosystems.


Kelp Forest. This kelp woodland supports a huge community of countless other types of organisms.

Classification that Algae

Types the algae include red and also green algae, and also euglenids, and also dinoflagellates (see Table below for examples). Scientists think the red and also green algae developed from endosymurbanbreathnyc.comtic relationships with cyanobacteria. Their chloroplasts have actually two membranes since the cabinet membranes of the cyanobacteria became extr plasma membranes of the chloroplasts. Scientists think the euglenids and also dinoflagellates developed later, from endosymurbanbreathnyc.comtic relationships through green and red algae. This is why your chloroplasts have three membranes. Distinctions in the types of chlorophyll in the four species of algae also support the hypothesized evolutionary relationships.

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kind of Algae beginning of Chloroplast form of chloroplastic

Red algae


cyanobacteria two membranes, chlorophyll choose the majority of cyanobacteria

Green algae


cyanobacteria two membranes, chlorophyll like a decimal of cyanobacteria



green algae three membranes, chlorophyll like environment-friendly algae