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Hello, my grandfather recently gave me a Mossberg version 185K-A. It\"s a 20 gauge bolt action shotgun, has a C-LECT choking on it. Has actually a 2 round clip under the barrel and also holds one in the chamber because that a full of 3 rounds. The pistol is in really good condition, Grandpa states he never fired it, but obviously it has been offered prior to him owning it. Anyways if anyone can give me a ballpark of what they believed it to be worth I would certainly really evaluate it. Ns don\"t think I\"m gonna market it because of the sentimental value however I\"m tho curious ya know? Anyways many thanks in breakthrough for anybody\"s help!!
They it seems to be ~ hard-pressed to carry $150, in pristine condition.This one, F/S, closed because that $139: ... 36515.aspxThe true precious of your is in it\"s background & sentimental value..
Around here $100-200. Ns bought a Mossberg 390K awhile earlier in 16 gauge in good shape for $100. I have actually shot grouse,pheasants,clay pigeons and also ducks with it. I have since been told not to shoot steel shot with it because of the c-lect choke. It\"s a fun unique gun and also I don\"t worry around scratching or break it.
Criscokid, Yep thats pretty much identical in wear, and your right its worth is largely the reality that he offered it to me...Thank girlfriend both for her responses y\"al been an extremely helpful, o and
Chauncy, if not steel shot then what is the best type of shot because that it?I heard the lead shoot isnt permitted to be shot in every places.... Ns wanna store it in great shape,its the very first gun ive ever owned, ive already cleaned and oiled it....and i heard because of the choke i wont be able to shoot slugs out the the true? deserve to I quiet shoot Buck shooting etc?Thanks again guys!
Steel shoot is forced for waterfowl searching or other specifically designated wildlife areas and it is policy on part ranges. Command is quiet by far the most used load.Check your regional regulations.My knowledge is the steel having actually less provide than lead can snag or cave up the the C-lect choking tearing it turn off or break the pedals that consist of the choke. Slug I\"m not sure on. I would certainly think that the bismuth shot might work due to the fact that it is soft,but the is expensive. Friend could call Mossberg or asking a Gunsmith because that clarification.

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Foster-type slug (non-sabots) are doable with the C-lect choke on the many open (IC ?) setting ONLY - yet zeroing may be problematic w/o sights.Mandatory steel shot hunting areas are normally delineated in each state\"s hunting regs, and the united state waterfowl regs - generally wetlands bordered by one easily-definable line, like a roadway or human body of water.AFAIK, the only video game that steel shot usage is causing obligation for searching is migratory video game birds, aka ducks, geese & other waterfowl - but some states may have actually restrictions - again, you re welcome check/do homework..
Ok will certainly do....and ns really evaluate everyones help, time to do some research

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